President Trump cheered companies giving bonuses &raising wages during the SOTU last night - why would democrats sit and NOT clap for that?

Democrats looked sickly last night. Just like the Republicans when Barack was in power. The opposing parties these days are just whacky crazy in the extreme, with a desire to get nothing done and split the country in half.

While raising the national debt, something Republicans use to be against. And while putting that debt on to the backs of the middle class and working poor while once again the 1%ers and corporate elite rape the US taxpayers.

Its a hokey gimmick. Why not have all corporations engage in profit sharing. Thats something to ponder.

ikr? bonuses and raises means people have more money they can steal, youd think they could get behind that.

You seem to want a STOU address to be like one of his Nuremberg Rallies. Its not the same.

Someone superglued their hands to their seats. It was a dastardly Republican trick!

Because many of those same companies are also laying off many workers. And theyre not fooled by the tax scam that benefits the wealthy and corporations more than the working class.

Because thats a minimum expectation for companies, and not something he can realistically claim the credit for. Its like asking us to cheer for Trump praising police for not killing innocent people; he cant control that, and theyre not SUPPOSED to kill innocent people.

Because the info is misleading and really involves very few people comparatively. He failed to mention the people losing jobs like those Carrier workers whose jobs he claimed to have saved. The main reason is....thats just not how it done. It never has been. It never will be.

They advocate a stagnate socioeconomic Socialist society that they can manage and control, not a dynamic free-market economy with low unemployment and a high standard of living that people earn, and is not given to them by the magnanimous Democrats.

Because it illustrates how much of a failure the previous administration was when compared to our current administration.

Okay, when the chamber broke out chanting USA USA USA.......they were DANGEROUSLY close to shouting HEIL TRUMP. okay? No one was there to applaud him for every stupid phrase out of his mouth. Just because one or two corporations have decided to share a modicum of wealth......its not like the vast majority of Americans are now drowning in bonus checks. Get real for 5 seconds. hes making it sound like every American just got a months pay for free. No, they didnt. His speech was FULL of the usual emptiness and false, mis-stated facts. Fact checkers are already having a field day with most of it. there wasnt a single DETAIL given........just a lot of HOT air, about what he supposedly would LIKE to do.....and not a peep about where any of the MONEY is suppose to come from. yeah, he wants a TRILLION dollars for new infrastructure.........yeah, well, so does everyone! Hell have no trouble getting votes from both sides for that............ but , oh sorry, I didnt catch who was gonna give him that TRILLION dollars..... Pelosi? Reid? Schumer? Ted Cruz? Hit up Romney for a loan? maybe Mexico will pay for all that too huh? It was all vague platitudes .....and not two words of substance. or maybe you didnt notice that, while guzzling the Kool Aid, and chanting USA!!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!! like, yeah, no sh*t......where did they all think they were? Norway?

Because theres a lot you dont understand when it comes to government. Those companies are doing what is called appeasement bonuses. The companies want the new tax code because it makes the companies and their CEOs BILLIONS of dollars in new profits. So when Trump passed the tax bill all these major companies were quick to provide small bonuses to their workers and they made sure to make a giant public spectacle of it. What that does is makes Trump happy which could make him want to give them even more benefits and attempts to sway public opinion in favor of a President that favors their companys profits. Thats why those bonuses are so shallow and meaningless. Many financial experts predicted it would happen a long time ago. Now, the true test is whether those bonuses keep coming after the excitement of the new tax bill wears off. If workers are still getting bonuses 2-3 years from now, then yes, maybe the new tax code is working. But if those bonuses dry up once the cameras turn off then its just another shallow gesture that was politically driven.

Because they all voted against the tax cuts that made the bonuses and raises possible.

We dont give in to fabrications.

Nancy bragged about the community organizers $40 tax cut, then thinks thousand dollar bonuses are crumbs. Her face must be on too tight.

When you raise wages by a fraction of the workers expected loss in purchasing power over the same period of time, its not exactly a win.

Trump is a hypocrite. Has he moved the manufacturing of his merchandise back to the US?

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