Liberals: If fascism is really a Right-wing ideology, how come Hitler was in favor of Gun Control AND National Health Care? - This article shows an actual quote from Hitler on Gun control. It reads; “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjugated races to possess arms. History...

Gun control applies to jews only. Not supporting health care would have ended his political career real quick. Chauvinism, militarism, sexism... and putting all communists, socialists and union-activists into camps is clearly rightwing, as is pampering the rich

YOU DONT HAVE TO BE LONELY at farmers only dot com. Now go to that web site, and leave the twisting things to fit your perspective to better people that know how to do it, rather than force us to read the nonsense vein attempts at it you do.

Most liberals do not understand that Fascism and Nazism are both variations on Socialism. They are totalitarian control systems as much as Communism is a Socialist control structure. Conservatives are NOT in favor of totalitarian governments--Fascist/Nazi/or Communist). We want a free-market Democracy which represents the peoples will and supports as high a standard of living for as many people as possible.

Key word being subjugated race. Left-wingers believe all races are equal; right-wingers believe one is more superior than another. Also national healthcare was a pretty popular thing that many people were demanding at the time. Hitler was a fascist in every other way and fascism, by definition, is right-wing

We liberals secretly love Hitler.

The key phrase in your quote is subjugated races meaning the Jews. Did Hitler deny gun ownership to the Jews? Yes he did. How better for a fascist military dictatorship to have power? Did he deny gun ownership to the chosen ones? Of course not.

Hitler and the Nazis were ultra leftist.

What we have here boys and girls is yet another example of Con Common Sense in action. Con Common Sense says that if youre about to start WWII and conquer the world ,it would be in your best interests to have the people of your country as ignorant as possible about how to use firearms

No True Scotsman.

Your rant is gibberish.

The definitions of left / right are from Europe. Both are the opposite ends of the socialism scale. Communism, global socialism. NAZI ( fascist) = national socialism. (Like NAZI stands for. Liberals have mis-applied the 2 to American politics. They call conservatives right wing because they are against communism. Then they use the dictionary definition to distort the truth. Conservatives hate fascism, NAZI as well as communists.

Any association between government and business for the purpose of benefiting business, as opposed to government that promotes individual freedom, is NOT rightest in nature. It is decidedly socialist in nature and is therefore left-wing

If you knew anything about German history or if you had the ability to look up anything about German history, you would know that gun control and universal health care were part of German legislation and society BEFORE the Nazis. The Nazis actually loosened gun control laws and gave gun training to boys in the Hitler Youth. Additional restrictions however were imposed on Jews. The Nazis were far right. If you had called any of them left wing when they were in power, you would have wound up in a concentration camp. Educate yourself, con, and stop posting nonsense!

more American foreign policy intelligence

Very sneaky, the key phrase was subjugated race, ie the Jews. Gun control was actually loosened in Germany by Hitler. You could have given the Jewish population of Germany tanks and it still wouldnt have saved them. Universal health care had been in place in Germany since 1880, Hitler had nothing to do with it

A person from either political can have an idea that someone else finds fascist. Today, the term “fascist” is thrown around so much that it’s practically lost it’s meaning. It’s often no more than a way to try and insult the ideas of another without actually attempting to understand or refute them. Now, I don’t equate gun control to Hitler, and I don’t associate owning a gun with overthrowing the government. I owned guns in the past because I liked to go to the range. I still go shooting. I have since I was 13. I don’t want my rights to buy a gun again trampled. All I ask for is something that might prevent another Las Vegas. I find the frequency of those events unacceptable and want something done. Because the good guys with guns (civilians) aren’t stopping these shootings. And they shouldn’t have to.

Just because Hitlers fascism had these two principles that are generally favored by the left, that doesnt mean that his ideology overall wasnt right-wing. When you add everything up, you have those two in one column weighted against a vast amount of other more right-wing things in the other. In the end, Hitler can be described one way than the other. However, I dont think its fair to judge Conservatives because Hitler was right wing, if thats what you are really responding to. Its not like that comparison hasnt been made recently. There have been problematic people on the left too, after all, so I take people as they come. I judge individual beliefs and what is said and done by them rather than by someone else.

how do those two things equal each other you lack of critical thinking is astounding

Nazi Germany: -universal health care -gun control -abortion -eugenics -govt control over industry

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