Can you visualize where this poem came to be?

60 MPH by LCF 2016 (for 5 more hours) The feeling I get careening down a dark road slick with rain windshield wiper metronome melodic squeal of tires I revel in terrified delight knowing a slight turn of the wheel could stop all possible futures; in that moment, no worries can assail me the bills that I can’t...

You dont say whos driving... is that on purpose? You say a slight turn of the wheel could end your future(s), but that still doesnt tell us youre in control. Why am I asking? I dont know---it just seems to matter somehow, when I try to crawl into the mind of the one writing the poem up there. Is she huddled in the corner of the passenger seat, fresh bruises on her face, a book of poems clutched in her hands? Or is she fleeing for her life...gripping the wheel with slippery palms...or maybe shes simply driving home from work. Your poem gives us clues to her life but cleverly hides more recent, potentially significant details. Anyhoo---your poem forced me to stop and re-read it a few times, and ponder it, and I guess you have yourself a real poem here. Its not perfect, but what is nowadays? Its pretty good. Especially the last two lines---a first rate ending. Good to see you LC... and Happy New Year.

It has been a while since I received anything from you. The poem was worth waiting for, I can not tell you where it happen but with me behind the wheel any road. As for the time it is now, the older I get more people seem to want to change me or mold me into what they see. Great to see you and a happy new year.

Very nice, which my autocorrect want to rewrite as Wet nigh. Works either way Poem by Autocorrect Bigger gravity plugs Light vesicles strike Hygienic lodge equals Khufus shill welcomes Therapie Gnome drei Jahren This is what you get when you let Spell check ???? the frets

where it came to be, in the mind, as for why it came to be is another matter a journey whether real or imagined is never the less still a journey this particular one is a journey all can relate to a moment in time perhaps or a story that unfolds from the poet either way written in a manor pleasing to the eye of the them they will seek their own understanding

Yes I can , In slow motion I can see the headlights the steering wheel moving the windscreen the dash flouting past in ( Slow Motion ) But I can not feel anything ... This poem is a journey a geographical journey for me . Really Good Really, good ... Youve been there havent you ?

Being on a spiritual level with all the frustrations of life makes the mind veer towards headlights. Just remember to keep the wheels straight. Hugs.

There are beautiful periods of time, or time capsules, that are a small window of time where nothing else matters. You captured that moment in cogent fashion LC. Good effort. Thomas

1998 around Las Vegas. Glad to sea U loveliest of ladies.

while watching the movie need for speed :)

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