14 months and there is still not one shred of evidence regarding Russian collusion. Should Trump demand an end to this investigation?

So you somehow expect Mueller to release the information he has uncovered PRIOR to finishing his investigation and PRIOR to any indictments and charges being filed? In what fantasy land world do you live in? And where have you ever seen a law enforcement investigation releasing their evidence prior to filing charges and making arrests?

No shred of evidence? Apparently you are unaware that the Netherlands counterespionage agency were the ones who first tipped of the US. And Mueller has secured four indictments, with two already resulting in guilty pleas. Perhaps you seek to provide a cover for the Russians, Gospodin?

The endless investigation is right out of Charles Dickens.

I think the Establishment, as a whole, is going to be hit across the head with a cinder block, collectively, in a few days from now.

Illusion not collusion

Nobody outside Muellers team knows what has been assembled in this investigation. But if you light your hair on fire, that could Magickally erase whatever proof they have on Fat Donny and allow you to resume your 24 hour nap schedule.

Are you part of the team investigating Russian involvement? Didnt think so. You (and I) have no idea what evidence does or does not exist beyond the surface events that required investigation. The longer it goes the more likely there is evidence that implicates people coordinating with the Russian attempt, unwittingly aiding the Russian attempt, and/or acts to cover up willful collusion with Russians.

Mueller will be exposed in the Nunes Memo. That will end his investigation.

He can demand all he wants but that doesnt give him the authority to end it

Thats simply not true. While we dont have any definitive proof yet that there was anything improper going on between the Trump campaign and Russia, the investigation has uncovered a lot of evidence. This involves even more connections between Trump campaign officials and Russia than we initially knew about, including some which were clearly attempts by Russian agents to recruit members of the Trump campaign, as well as the meeting in the summer of 2016 where three of Trumps top campaign aides committed a felony and indicated that they were willing to illegally work with Russia. All thats missing now is whether they actually did collude with them or not.

you mean fox has not reported any ? Mueller has plenty . try watching maddows tonight .

There actually is a mountain of evidence. Too bad you dont like it.

No evidence has been presented. Even those that went up against a Grand Jury and have trial dates set, we dont know what evidence there was. Mueller and his team have not spoken - in any way - about evidence; so, you cannot reasonably say that there is no evidence of collusion.

birthers complaining ............. PMSL

The evidence is being presented in secret to the grand jury. If you are a member of that grand jury, then your words may have merit. If you are NOT a member of that grand jury, you are full of sh!t.

Try to keep up skippy! I know! I know! Fox faux News keeps you guys in the dark, so let me shed some light on that, OK? TRUMP-RUSSIA INVESTIGATION WILL PRODUCE MORE INDICTMENTS IN 2018 http://www.newsweek.com/trump-russia-investigation-will-produce-more-indictments-2018-house-judiciary-768651 The four people charged so far in Russia investigation https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/12/01/four-people-charged-so-far-russia-investigation/906920001/

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