I have Jewish ancestry?

I found out few years ago that my paternal grandfather is Jewish.grandparents from the mother are Polish.

If you are asking, if you are Jewish, the answer depends. Is your mother Jewish? If not, did you ever convert to Judaism? If yes, congratulations, you are Jewish. (However, in both cases, you would have already known if you were Jewish or not.) If you arent Jewish through your mother or by conversion, you are a person with Jewish ANCESTRY. If you are asking if your maternal grandparents were Jewish, I cant answer that. You would need to do your research. Talk to a rabbi. http://www.jewishgen.org/

Dont start bragging about it until youve done something worthwhile; got into graduate school (law, medicine, physics, chemistry or the like; not art history) or made a place for yourself in a nationally known orchestra, or joined an army that routinely triumphs when outnumbered 3:1.

Thats unfortunate

Youve not asked a question twice. Are you stupid or something? Oh, wait. Youre Polish. That explains it.

You dont seem to have a question.

Happy to hear it. You havent asked a question.

Possibly, but you need to document your findings. You might try to get the records from the Rabbi.

Ok! So what is your question?

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