Why does everyone in the world want to come to the United States if it doesnt even have free health care?

Not everyone wants to move to the US.

So you want to make healthcare workers your SLAVE?

Everyone doesnt. People from first world nations with generous social welfare states generally arent clamoring to come to the US. Some of them still do, but that has more to do with personal reasons like getting a specific job, or falling in love with an American. The big desire to immigrate is usually from underdeveloped and/developing nations. For them, the US is a land of prosperity and opportunity as well as, often, a safe haven from political or other types of persecution.

Everyone doesnt, which is why the number of Canadians, Aussies, Europeans and others from developed countries in the US are small. But there are those who live as immigrants in the US and travel home for physicals and to deliver children.

not everyone - the Norwegians are not coming now (Trump reference) - however we are nicer than where they are now for some people so they come, and some stay

According to Trump it is to join MS-13.

Free healthcare means nothing if you are living a subsistence life. What good does it do to live a long life if there are no possibilities to advance your station? The U.S. allows people to advance economically. Unlike any other country. Also. The poor in the U.S. have a better standard of living than the middle-class in other countries. One last thing. Healthcare in other countries is not free. People pay for it through their taxes. Which is an involuntary contribution. Here in the U.S. you only pay for the healthcare you use.

They don’t

I guess you are unaware that many are set up with Medicaid, housing, SNAP and SSI. LOL

Jobs. And no legal barriers to socioeconomic advancement.

Because it is a land of opportunity, but only for white heterosexual males.

Countries with free HC also have long long lines. And they get the best treatment here, in spite of what Sean Penn and M. Moore want you to believe. Ever heard of N.I.C.E. ? Google it

not everyone does thats right wing propaganda

its all about free stuff huh? pretty safe bet you are a democrat

If the US healthcare system is so great, why do so many Americans travel to Mexico for healthcare tourism?

Our past reputation. And their lack of information.

America is richer, more free than their own countries, and is very influential in pop culture. They would prefer to hear more about its benefits instead of its problems (such as no free healthcare), either because they want to leave the stricter laws or poverty of their own countries, or because they want to be rich and famous.

What country has free health care? Canada doesnt. Australia doesnt the UK doesnt Germany doesnt In fact, its impossible to have free healthcare. The money has to come from somewhere to pay for it. You can live in the USA and pay significantly less taxes than in countries with single payer or socialized medicine. Although, I healthcare is usually not the primary reason someone is going to move to the US.

They dont. That is just an illusion Americans harbor. Or have YOU seen the long lines of Norwegians trying to get Green Cards?

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