Why are the numbers so similar, 25 percent of people who watch the state of the union speech are Democrats, and 25 percent disapprove of it?

My friend Harry Truman once said there are lies, damned lies and statistics. Who knows what you are counting.

Maybe because Democrats knew that the speech was written by speech writers and Trump read it off of a teleprompter, which made the speech, essentially, meaningless.

Its probably because Democrats dont believe that Trumps policies alone have caused our economic upturn, they believe that Obama deserves the majority of the credit and that Trump is taking credit for results he did not have a large part in achieving. Democrats also probably focus on the fact that black unemployment still consistently trails white unemployment 2-1 so, they probably feel like Trump is missing the point when he touts low black unemployment as something to be proud of currently. They probably listened to the speech, heard Trump talk about working together and then go one to reassert positions that offer no compromise on issues important to Democrats. Thats probably why they all disapproved.

I noticed melania didn’t stand when he said faith and family.

the speech was all fluff and no substance .

Because Democrats were embarrassed by all the good things mentioned during the State of the Union address. They cant take credit for anything except hatred.


Statistics are an estimate. But good job on your research!

Horseshit and horseshit.

democrats know it was BS and BTW 50% thought it was crap

I’d tell you but I didn’t listen.

Never seen such a bunch of sour pusses. If was good for America and its people, they didnt like it.

43% Democrats on CNBC liked Trumps speech. So??? The only people that cant recognize success are just ANTI whatever, Meaning their opinion is meaningless. Ex: Liberals on here have alot to say on something they never WATCHED. TYPICAL IGNORANCE.

All Gay Democrats were watching Will and Grace.

Don’t hate them too much, they are operating on the lack of true info given them on the “main stream” media. If you don’t get the truth, you believe any shyt that falls out of their lying lips.

Someone was dumb enough to watch that clown show?

The CBS poll actually had 43% of Democrats approving.

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