Who would you save first, your dog or a stranger? What is your political view?

id only save the stranger if it were a man. Otherwise im saving the Dog.

My dog. I value animal lives more than human lives. Im a conservative.

I think the question is far too simple to be accurately answered. What is the disaster that I am saving one or the other from? What is the present state of the dog and the stranger? Are there any materials around that would enable me to save both? How big is the dog? Is it at all feasible to save both without overt additional hardships? Am I reading way too deeply into the question?

my dog and im not even an animal person.

A stranger.

Human beings take precedence over pets. I am a right-of-center moderate.

My cat. Dont have a dog. She is family.

I agree with Dennis Prager.

i save them both and let myself die i have no/ little self- worth currently

My dog . Conservative Republican . And please dont ask me who I would save between my wife and my dog . My wife sometimes looks at Y/A .

your dog would save your life asshole who you think you should save?

The stranger - though its a terrible thought to put on someone.

A stranger. Im conservative.

Is the stranger a Republican or an Evangelical? If so, my dog, for sure. A fellow resister, sorry Fido, see you on the other side.

Human lives before animal lives. I love my dog dearly but I place a higher value on human life. And there isnt enough room here for all my political views - sorry.

I would save them both at the same time

hands down a stranger a human life is more valuable than a dogs live even if it is apart of my family odds are i will still out live that dog. so ill have to see it die anyway. a human life tho is priceless. even if that human life disagreed with everything i stood for.. even if it was trump id save that jerk before my own dog yes. because i see the value in humans. might not agree with most of you all. infact i secreatly hate humans. but my opinion isnt law. nore would i expect it to be. unlike others.

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