Has hard work paid off in your life?

I worked hard until I started figuring things out. I learned to find an easier way to do everything that I do. In that, I work smarter rather than harder. I worked for other people most of my life and good quality work, fast yet efficient, didnt pan out all that well, since I wasnt a butt kisser. I watched less educated people without the skils I had, who did really shaky work, get paid more than I did. In that, I started my own business. I work hard to keep customers happy but at least my efforts are rewarded. My limits are only what I place on myself.

Yes because I work less but paid better

No, studying hard is what paid off, because now I have an easy job.

YES & knowledge. Mike

Yes,in the material facets...happiness and where this exists..will be the biggest,pay off..of my life time.~*

actually no..i mean im healthy and all....its my hobby that turned out for the best...i rock out for a living

Not one bit.

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