Did you ever meet a celebrity?

Yes, some actually. I have an autograph from Jerry Lewis (not exactly a meetup, but Lewis knew I existed). Also met some local Australian celebrities (people overseas wouldnt know of them). Recently, I have met some of the drag queen contestants from RuPaul Drag Race - Ben De La Creme and Ongina.

Yes- I met Andy Rooney at a book signing , Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon at a concert. and baseball player Gary Carter.

So many times.

Yeah. A bunch of them. WonderCom.

Yes. Several. Tad used to be a newspaper reporter, and celebrities are always hungry for publicity.

had sex with carrot top

Yes through the looking glass.

Yes. I met Deborah Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie in the mid 90s in NYC. Very friendly and kind people. I also met Bernadette Peters at a meet and greet after a performance of Gypsy. She signed a small be anie baby cow and gave it to me. I dont know if it was hers or another fans, but I still have it.

No but I would like to.

Yes, John Carradine, Eve Arden, and some of the Dallas Cowboys way back in 1972.

I met john lennon, and a few years later met princess margaret, and in the 80s had a nice chat with john hurt.

Yes Nicholas Cage Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson Robert DeNiro Kevin Spacey John Malkovich Steve Buscemi James Woods Bob Odenkirk(Better Call Saul) Norman Reedus(The Walking Dead) I am a paid movie extra, and have worked with all these people.

Not exactly a celebrity but I did have Jim Rutherford visit my parents house when I was a kid. In case you are asking who? He was a goalie for the Detroit Red Wings in the 1970s.

Quite a few actually: George Lopez, Lisa Kudrow, Irene Bedard, Danny Glover, Beto ORourke, Floyd Westerman. Ive also met a number of athletes both active and retired including Reggie Jackson, Tim Hardaway, Bobby Clarke, Mack Brown, Amani Toomer, Michel Platini, Greg LeMond, Xavier McDaniel Sr, Dan Majerle, Gary Carter, Manute Bol, Ken Stabler. If direct family of celebrities count, also met the father of Andrew Luck (QB- Indianapolis Colts) Best part is, I actually had conversations with most of those people. It wasnt just sign this ? before they took a selfie with someone else, maybe signed another picture .. these are memories thatll endure for awhile. About the only one listed above that was a douchebag is Reggie Jackson.

Yes. Celeste Holm.

Yes, just once.

No, and wouldnt want to. Id be happy to meet someone who had done something useful but had no interest in celebrity.

Yes a few of them

no, not as in meeting. Ive seen them in public.

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