Conservatives. Are you ready to fight the liberals who want to ban people from saying Merry Christmas?

Another dumb brainwashed ranting con I see! Do you realize that many Muslim American families put Christmas trees in their house, because they do! It’s about joining in the festive season which they want their kids to be part of!!! And what are going to moron, walk around the streets saying Merry Christmas and then physically attacking anyone you think looks offended???

I don t see much of a war, the people who profit from Christmas will not want to kill it

Conservatives seem to need a speech therapist. I can say it just fine. Well, I did take one linguistics class in college… lets see if I can help... See you put your lips together and you make sound with your throat. Thats mmmmm... The e is a vowel sound. In English, you can hardly get those wrong, just open your mouth and make a sound. Ma, meh… it sounds like meh at this point, actually, if you can do that. The r sound, again is rather simple in English (you should see the exercises they give your tongue in some others). Just put your tongue up to your palate, let a bit of air flow out and make that sound again with your throat. Y is another vowel sound. (I lied, it is a bit different, that one). If you can go from a to eh, as in meh, you just tighten those muscle a little bit and you got that i sound, or something close enough. Now the k sound comes from the throat and does not involve the vocal chords. Just expel air out from the back of your throat. The r again. refer above. i... see its getting easier now, weve worked on these before… ss is just expelling air out with your teeth close together. m weve done before. And ss again. Congrats, conservatives, you did it! Merry Christmas!

No, Im not ready to fight because there wont be a fight.

Why do republicans insist on telling the Americans of the Jewish faith, merry Christmas. Just say happy Hanukkah or happy holidays.

Ohshit! Are we back on this? Can I get another month before the war on Christmas?

Fox News riling up the war on Christmas already?

You will have to physically stop me so yeah.

This is not a real thing, dumbass.

There are no liberals with that position. Stop lying.

no one will ban me from sayng MERRY CHRISTMAS! let them try!

Can we have a moment of silence for those we lost in the last War on Christmas?

Lets do Happy Halloween first, okay? Then it will be Veterans Day, then Thanksgiving, and then tis the season to be jolly! Heres an old joke from my teenage days long, long ago: It was the night before Christmas and everybody jumped for Joy got up and left. Then they all started feeling Merry, and Merry went home, too. My older brother told that joke in 1953 when I was about 8 years old. Have fun with it.

Happy Holidays!

And happy holidays to you!

You know, maybe you should try to be an asshole without bringing religion into it so soon after so many people were SLAUGHTERED over religion.

Im sure youll be at church bright and early (rolls eyes).

If they try and actually legally ban it, then hell yes Ill fight.

Why do you advocate violence based on the lie youre telling?

Yes. The bombing has already started.

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