How many hours a week do you work?

I only work 22

Usually around 40-45.

45 one week, 35 the next, for a total of 80 per 2 week pay period, I work an extra hour (9 hours per day) and get an extra day off each 2 week period. It all averages out to 40 hour weeks but I get a 3 day weekend every other week. Its actually a pretty sweet arrangement. Im technically considered a salary employee so Im exempt from Overtime laws, so I dont get OT pay for the extra 5 hours the first week. However Im part of a union which has a negotiated OT rate so if I work any hours above and beyond my normal 45/35 those extra hours are paid at my base rate plus the OT surcharge (it ends up being less than 1.5x like hourly people get, but still higher than my normal wage, which is decent since most people in my profession are straight salary with no pay for OT).

40 plus...

Im retired. Between Honey dos, Daddy dos, Grandpa dos. my normal yard work and home and auto maintenance I now work twice as many hours as I did when I was employed.

Thats because youre a lazy POS that sucks off the government.

I work 50 at least.

Im a home maker so Im not counting. I do what needs to be done...putting out garbage, vacuuming etc.

Around 35.

Im self employed and work the hours required to meet the demands on my clients. Some weeks its ZERO and in others it might be 50+. But I also board horses, rent cabins and run a small farm, so a 60 hour work week isnt uncommon. Hey; gotta pay dem bills, right.

About 50 hours in a typical week, more if were unusually busy.

48 to 60...because I own my own business....and I work from home.

None. Im retired

Varies by the week, but can officially only get paid for up to 20 or so. Weeks during which I work more, excess gets kept to the side & put within weeks where I didnt work that many. Its a bit sneaky but as long as I get paid on time I dont care. I do feel I should be allowed to be paid immediately for however many Im putting in though, whether if thats 17 or 40+, consequently what theyre doing is a way of getting cheap labor, not provide health benefits or pay us overtime, albeit theres been random days where I worked more than eight hours.

like 25-30

36. During a certain time of the year much more, that being Late January to Mid April.

40 at most, sometimes more Ⓜ!③

Im scheduled 32 and usually end up around 45 because I can never get out on time.

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