Doesnt the left look awfully silly, condemning Trump for violating the 14th amendment, while spending millions to violate the 2nd?

Ha! Want to bet any money that after the midterms Trump will drop this like a stone! This is just a drum call to get all you weary Trumptards out on Nov 6 to save his sorry a$$ from big bad Robert Mueller and the impending report all neatly tied up with a big Christmas bow on it!!!

No, since leftists dont support gun control. Liberals do. This kind of absolute political incompetency is just one of the many failures of the American education system

No but you look awfully silly making up crap. No one has condemned him for violating the 14th just that he cannot override the constitution with an EO. Who is violating the 2nd? No one I can see.

And now, the rest of the story.

Ironically, you claim the 14th is open to interpretation since it doesnt specifically mention illegal aliens. Guess what? The 2nd doesnt specifically mention which arms youre allowed to bear. I dont see AR-15 anywhere in the constitution. Id agree to a SCOTUS review of the 14th if you agree to a review of the 2nd using the same logic.

Bullsh*t There is nothing in the text of US Constitution that supports the Rights misinterpretation of the Second Amendment

Trump isnt violating anything. Most of Obamas controversial executive orders were struck down, usually by an overwhelming majority of both left and right supreme court judges. It would be best for congress to show some courage and fix the immigration laws, anchor baby laws, etc.

.............. and their attacks on the FIRST AMENDMENT !!


Without double standards the Democrats would have none.

They are full of sht. At various times, depending on the situation, they defend the constitution and at others want to get rid of it. Whatever gets them to their goal

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