Did Trump mail the bombs and frame someone else then lie about it?

And today’s prise for the most silly question goes to....

No. If Trump did it he would have sent bombs that actually would have exploded instead of just crude imitations.

No, but close. Trump incited one of his dumb sheep to mail MAGAbombs. Charles Manson never killed anyone but was convicted for inciting others to murder. Trump is responsible these crimes due to his hate filled rhetoric which motived an idiot to try to carry out Trumps hit list for him.

and the libs wonder why they have been on a losing streak .................................

That would take more ability than he has

That would explain why they didnt work.

No that sounds like an Obama tactic.

Trump is Soros....

I thought it was George Soros.

hes not that bright

Did Soros? Did Hillary? Did Obama? Did the FBI? Did Mueller? Did Waters? Did Warren?

Trumps fault, don;t bother trying to spin it another way. The left and the media have made up their minds, if something bad happens, it is Trumps fault, doesnt matter that the FBI stated they do not believe he was working alone and are continuing the search for others. Its Trumps fault, get used to the idea.

why does trump want mentally ill people to have access to guns, bombs or even sharp objects like scissors?

The lying is a given in any situation.

According to the overpaid Democrat sex criminals on the broadcast box with moving pictures...YES. According to real boys and girls, NO. Trump had NO connection unlike the average Democrat terrorist.

You think Trump is intelligent enough to figure out how postage works...?

He wouldnt be the first President to put a hit on someone, but I would imagine that it would have been done competently

No, I think you did.

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