Is the philosophy of the Democratic party leaning towards promoting a society of Free Loaders .?

The big question is What percentage of freeloaders is the tipping point for the decline of a Nation?

I loaded your mom for free last night.

That is what those un-American communist leftist leaders and their stupid brain dead indoctrinated liberal idiots are working so hard to achieve.

the word is dependence... look at places like Boston, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago and a host of other cities often called bastions of liberalism... notice how they also happen to be the starkest examples of generational wealth inequity.... with a small, wealthy ruling class spouting for the people rhetoric while promoting policies that keeps others dependent on them rather than promoting self-reliance..

Of course. Self sufficient people vote Republican.

Recently, I had the misfortune of visiting a trailer park full of Trump supporters in east Texas. Working age men were sitting around drinking. Filthy children were running around half-naked covered in dirt. Mothers were sitting on their porches cradling an infant in one arm, and a beer and cigarette in the other. Why dont these people contribute? They expect hardworking liberals to support their lazy and entitled lifestyle, all the while blaming their failures on immigrants and minorities. I suggest to Trump supporters that theyd find life much more fulfilling if they worked for a living.

No, we have been considering amending that policy..we hard working and high earning liberals in CA and NY are tired of supporting the freeloading conservatives and all of those slackers in the southern states. We are going to initiate a program to get them off of their duffs and out to some kind of job.

No. Republicans need to work just like the rest of us.

No (and thats not philosophy - thats just political trolling).

I can see you are very troubled, and having difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy. Are you living in a van covered with pro-Trump and anti-Hillary stickers? Have you been stalking a synagogue? Do you think immigrants have smallpox? Please seek counseling before you do harm to yourself or others.

no their philosophy is not to promote a society of people like you.

No This is just one of those things Republicans say to each other, pretend is true, but which just makes them sound stupid. It really is too bad smart Republicans dont bother correcting stupid Republicans, because they figure it still gets them votes.

America is the strongest, richest country in the world because of immigration, not despite it, and nearly all those people have been history poor and unskilled, but with a desire for freedom and reward for hard work - your ancestors, and the latino immigrants of today. Your pathetic lack of knowledge about our history is in fact dangerous to our democracy and republic.

Democraps would never win another election without the moocher vote. sad but true!

They are. I would roll eyes if you said they were anything like Nazis (some cons believe this even if theyre too much of pu$$ies to be fascists) But while they arent Nazis they are plebs, proletariat, and want Socialism to come here so they can get things you and I pay for. It doesnt sound too bad though, since we can use these services too. Education, health care, previously inaccessible for many Americans. Leftists may abuse the welfare state though, Thats a shame ~Aizen

With concepts like BI (basic income) the answer would be yes.

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