Should I answer a car insurance call from the party that rear ended me?

I was in an accident involving four cars, my car was hit pretty bad and I dont have collision repair. The accident obviously wasn’t my fault, but my insurance agent handed out my information to the other person’s agent to call me. My father said to never answer the other party’s insurance call because they could...

No. Let your insurance agent take care of all of this.

Sounds like this is simply to arrange an appointment for their assessor to inspect your vehicle to assess the damage. This will need to be done one way or another or your claim cannot progress. By all means make the arrangements, just dont say anything which might be held against you, simply let him inspect your car.

ask youre agents wait no do not do that they will tell you whatever is best for the company

I doubt your father is an attorney. Yes, answer the call. Dont discuss the accident. They want to examine the car, adjust the claim? They need contact with you in order to do so. In a 4-car rear ender one of the questions is going to be did you hit the car in front of you? If so that car must file against your insurance as well as the car that hit you and forced you into him/her. Ask your Agent.

Get an appraisal from the place you plan to get it fixed and have your insurance company send it to them. He is right, they will record your conversation and try to place some of the blame on yon to reduce their payment.

You can ignore them if you like. If you do they will close the claim. Or you can give your side of the story an perhaps be paid. Your choice.

If your company isnt going to cover the cost then you must deal with the other side

No. Refer them to your claims adjuster. If you get between the two insurance companies it will only make things go worse. Your insurance represents you; their insurance represents them. If your insurance wants you to talk directly to the other parties they will tell you so.

Answer the call. Let the other insurance company inspect your vehicle. If you dont cooperate, you get nothing. If you are claiming an injury, dont give a written or recorded statement. Wait until you heal up then make a demand for settlement.

I always have talked to the other insurance company if they want to talk to me. But do not take any blame or sign anything until you are covered correctly. I did have an insurance company call me one time trying to get out of their claim and tried to ask if speed caused the accident. I told the no, your insured made an illegal u turn. The conservation was over and they paid for all 4 cars.

Your father is an idiot. Return the call and see what they want. If you dont like the questions theyre asking, tell them to talk to your insurance company.

If you were injured, dont talk to them and hire an attorney. If not, go ahead and talk to them. Dont ever admit fault even if it were your fault.

YES. Not a problem. You say it was not your fault and the police report will say the same thing. That Judgement is done: no matter what. . The other insurer is wondering why you have not taken your car in, to be assessed. I am guessing you WANT IT FIXED. The other insurer is standing there with cash in hand. It was not your fault so your insurance is not involved.(or activated) The other drivers insurance is willing to do the payout. They will instruct you with the procedure. You could verify it by running past your insurer to be sure that is how it is suppose to go(as your insurer knows the procedure too) Usually they want you to go to 3 independent body shops and get 3 appraisals. (I went to 5 and then chose the highest 3 to show to the insurer) They saw the written estimates and said choose any of them. I went to the highest priced one and also got a loaner car from the body shop while my car was being repaired all paid for by the insurer. The insurance that covers the damage to the other car is called BASIC or PL/PD (public liability and public damage) You are the public and so is your car and the intersection and the signs and fences and cows, etc WHATEVER. I am amazed your dad does not know this (then again, my dad did not know either and he drove until he was 70 without an he would not know. . Me; it took 2 years and already a bang up and knew of friends with other crashes so already knew of a half a dozen crash incidents and how they worked...with insurance. Your collision insurance(or lack of it) has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. The other drivers BASIC insurance will fix your car, no cost to you.


There are too many variables and you did not give many details. Since you did not have colision insurance, you have no choice but to deal directly with the other persons insurance company unless you hire a lawyer to represent you. If the damage is significant to your vehicle, hiring a lawyer may be the best thing for you to do. Then you could simply tell the insurance company to talk to your lawyer.

Your agent gave the information, since you DONT have collision coverage on your own policy. So the insurance company has either an appraiser who will come out and write an estimate of the damages to your vehicle, or they will tell you to go to one of their preferred body shops who will write a estimate. With a rear end accident, and if you have been rear ended, they will never blame you, since rear ended. But with rear end accidents, it is common that the person being rear ended may suffer from whiplash, thus many times the company will call you and ask if there were any passengers in the car (Plus) was anyone injured, or claiming they were hurt/feeling pain. BUT, you state this is a 4 car accident, which (could) be a problem. Was this 4 cars, which 3 cars were rear ended, like a chain reaction, that one hits, then hits the next one etc, (or) you was rear ended, and then either you or the other 2 cars were hit after being hit, like for instance in other lanes? Now even if this is a 4 car chain rear end accident, then depending if you are car 1 (front in line) or car 2 for instance that is 2nd in line etc, then the adjuster must find out if this was 1 hit or 2/3 separate hits. If this is more than 1 hit, then they can say that 1 vehicle owes for 1 and that the other owes for the other or they split it out between all 3 cars not at fault. Or, what can be worst, is if for instance the 1 car is found at fault for the other 3 cars, but what if the guy at fault does not have enough insurance to pay for all 3 cars? Then if that happens, then say for instance it costs $3,500 to fix, but they have $15,000, so the insurance may only pay you $2,500, since they have to split it between you and 2 other cars. PLEASE, call your insurance and get advice, since that is their job to assist you and protect you. They cant do anything about your car, but you may need their advice on this claim.

Yes of course you should, but Dont go into any detail if you can help it. Answer with a yes, no or I dont know. Keep it short and simple, or they can try to pin the accident on you, like, how far away were you from the person in front of you? (This is a real clincher that causes a lot of accidents. You MUST have assured cleared distance! Which means, that you must be far enough away that you can see the person in front you, their rear tires on the pavement). If you did not have assured cleared distance, then even though you were rear ended, its Your Fault that you rear ended the person in front of you. I learned that the hard way. When they ask you that question, Dont lie, because it will be on the police report anyway whether you were, or werent. The person who hit you, their Agent needs to learn whether they are responsible for you and the others, or just you. When you talk to them on the phone, Make Sure that you have witnesses that can hear the conversation, because believe you me, they will have plenty on their side listening in too. Also, make sure you tape the conversation, and as everyone else said, Dont Sign Anything! Leave that to your Agent, and their Agent. I hope this helps.

Now you have the details, write them a letter (yes on paper) and say that you hold their client liable for the damage to your car. Give them a figure for the repair costs. Say that you want any further contact to be in writing so that its available to be produced in Court.

Your insurance company should deal with the other guy s insurance company. But there arr times when the other insurance needs to talk to you. They might need to arrange an appraisal of the damage. Just be careful about what you say. If they ask anything about the accident just say that was all in my insurance report.

NO you should report it to your insurance Co. and let them handle it.

Well delaying only hurts you. They not only are to fix your car but, give you a rental to use during this time. How do you think they can get your car fixed? not by telepathy.

You probably need to contact them. Be careful what you say! Dont discuss the accident, only talk about getting the car repaired.

Your Father gave you bad advice. You are obligated to respond to the insurer of any of the involved vehicles. If you do not respond, any claim you have may be denied. If you are suspicious, ask YOUR OWN insurer for advice. Why do people often fail to contact and/or seek advice from there own insurer ? Geez !

Your insurance wont cover this as you only have liability insurance. Since its the other drivers fault, you MUST give a statement to them and provide your side of the story. If you ignore them then you will NOT get paid. Your insurance wont deal with a situation that is not your fault unless you have collision/comprehensive.

Yes, you will need to talk to them. You dont have collision coverage so your insurance company isnt going to do it for you. Its the only way you are going to get anything from the other insurance company.

Consult with your insurance company on this. You know that money you sent them all these years? This is why.

They need to speak with you to settle, just dont accept any offer or sign anything unless you are satisfied with the settlement

As an aside, never apologize in an accident it is considered admission of fault.

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