Just cause there are bombs being sent to libs. Doesnt change the fact that libs lie and the media lies and they are the violent party. RITE?

No clue what that means but I dont know if you have any questions please

Nope. (that was easy).

Libs are sending bombs to other libs to cut down on the ballot.

Wrong. Trump invites violence after violence. Charlottesville was a good example. He said there are good people in the Nazi group. He appeared to side with a congressman who body slammed a reporter. During trumps campaign a lone young black male was escorted out of the room at Trumps urging, saying go get him, Ill pay for the lawyer.

I bombed myself today. Im so confused.

I can tape a cheap clock to a plastic tube too. That doesnt make it a bomb.

Your piss-poor grammar is so typical of the average ranting, republitard child. Why so triggered-up today, snowflake ?

When you guys voted for the biggest liar on the planet, you lost the to say anyone lies. People just laugh at you when you do.

I think whoever sent them, are under the impression that Hillary, Obama and Biden are running for elections this year.

Whoever made the bombs was certainly careful to ensure no leftists would be harmed in the propaganda operation.

If you say so, Evangelical fearful Republican.

If you arent part of the solution, youre part of the problem.

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