Isnt it SOO obvious thats its a PROVEN FACT that the packages sent to Clinton, Obama, and Soros are a false flag planted by liberals?

Proven? Not yet.

Its not obvious, but neither is it obvious that conservatives are responsible. In May 2013, ricin-laced letters were sent to then-President Barack Obama and then-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Everyone assumed a political motive and that conservatives were responsible, but it turned they were mailed by a women in Texas who was trying to frame her estranged husband; so you just never know.

Its not a proven fact, however it is very likely that they are red herrings so that lefties can point at conservatives and say, See? Theyre violent like us! (which of course is not true).

where outside your head is that a proven fact? Be careful, law enforcement might think you guilty and trying to distract suspicion

No, but it certainly is proving how immoral and dishonest the blue faces on this site are. I suppose these abettors of treason will next tell us that Kennedy shot himself.

I dont think anyone knows much about them at all and its all speculation.

For those people who are retarded.

....and then there was the caravan........

Its very obvious . The Democrats and the media will stop at nothing to garner votes. You cant believe anything happening from now until the elections.

I think it is too, but only because I think its something theyd do out of desperation.

Not into conspiracy theories but strange how the soros package was able to be open, inspected, then placed in wooded area until police arrived. When was it supposed to go off?

No, but the caravan of illegals is definitely a Trump plot to gain more votes by appearing to be tough on illegals. EDIT: It is blatantly obvious that Conservatives will twist everything around to make themselves look like the victim in everything. So its fine for Conservatives to claim that the bombs were a Democrat conspiracy to gain sympathy politically, but when I suggest that the caravan of illegals was orchestrated by Trump in order to gain support by appearing to be tough on immigrants, the Cons dont like it. If you cant take criticism, stop dishing it out!

Remind me: Who was it who only a month ago insisted on innocent until proven guilty?

Or Russia upping their game, causing fear and chaos near the mid-terms.

The are that delusional withdrawn for power.

Maybe in the wild backwards world of the konservative kult klan

No. I just wish liberals would care about political violence when it impacts people who are not millionaires. Weve seen escalating politcal violence ALL year...and I havent met a liberal who cared....Until Soros allegedly got a bomb. Can have 632 year old billionaires life in danger!

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