What happens when you roll over at a massage parlour?

They tell you to get out

The therapist lifts the sheet slightly and looks away so that you can turn over. Massage is then done on other parts of your body. If they started you face up, then your back is done when you roll over. If they started you face down, then your legs, feet, arms, neck, head, and face are done.

you are under a sheet

Theyd be massaging my belly instead of my back...


Theydo the other side of you.

In Asia or the western nations?

That depends on what sort of massage parlor it is. Ordinarily, you just get massaged on your back and shoulders. But if its a gay massage parlor, then all bets are off. You never know what might happen.

You fall off the table

They tickle your belly to make you laugh and ask you to roll back over to stop it from happening.

If its a real massage parlor, they assume you are done and ready to go home. They leave the room so you can put your clothes on.

I cant tell you that on here. I was drunk, in college, and we visited a massage parlor (wink wink) just outside the city limits.

Usually, you fall on the floor and end up with at least a few broken bones, some contusions.

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