They say Republicans were favorits to keep the Senate, but is that now doubtful after the suspicious packages to Democrats?

No. The Republicans are still on track to keep the Senate and the House. Americans saw right through the Democratic Party plot.

Wrong. That activity will not affect anyones vote. No one knows who is the culprit. It could be Democrats trying to make Republicans look bad.

Lets wait and see. We only have about two weeks to find out. The timing of the bombs is highly suspect.

No with the senate the gap is to big


The suspicious packages wont have any impact on voting. People already have their minds made up.

No. Historically, terror attacks make voters more conservative, regardless of the sponsors or targets of the attack. Basically, when threats are perceived, voters start to skew more for the law and order and tough talk candidates and parties. There is no studies shown that indicate terror attacks result in increased support for the targets. Additionally, this story doesnt seem to be getting the traction in the public that the media was hoping for. I live in DC, and even here, no one is talking about this story. Id expect rhe midterm impact to be minimal at best. It might nudge the DNC ahead in a few neck and neck races.

Independent endorsement favor Republicans .

Its day to day. Roughly 1/3 the electorate are swing voters. The results will reflect who shows up at the ballot box (assuming no meddling this time).

Trump failed. His hay-day is almost over

The person who sent the bombs sure hopes so. I am not sure the moderates who control the direction the nation goes hold the same opinions as leftists like you. Leftists here have widely been claiming that the bombing is indicative of the violence of the right. The moderates are less likely to view the actions of one person as indicative of the group. Also, the moderates tend to vote on issues that affect them. Unless they feel fearful of more widespread violence, they are more likely to gravitate to economic issues.

Was that your motivation?

The pollsters had already changed their predictions to favor Democrats long before the packages.

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