Have you gained knowledge or are you a christian?

We, Jehovahs Witnesses, heed John 17:3 and study the Bible daily, thier coming to know you; their taking in knowledge of you; or their continuing to know you. The Greek verb gi-nosko basically means to know, and here is used in the present tense to express continuous action. NWT (Study Edition) As Christians we want to know Jehovah our God better each day and also his appointed King, his Son Jesus Christ who was a perfect image of his Father, Jehovah.

Yes to both, Einstein.

I am a knowledgable Christian.....so?

Im not a Christian. But it still feels like I ate an entirely different fruit, that was nothing like your fruit. And it was probably psychoactive.. In fact, I know it was. Its like I walked through a door, in my mind, and got to the other side. At which point the door disappeared. And Ive been hanging out here ever since! But I like it infinitely better than where I came from.. And this weekend? Im helping other people, in their process of walking through those doors. Or other doors. And it is SO f*cking beautiful, watching it all unfold, and getting to see those changes in them, every day.. Theyre in a totally different place now, from when they came here, and theyve found and received SO much healing!! But tomorrow is our day off.. That I look forward to spending with them. No ceremony tomorrow. But the day after, though..? ;) Ayahuasca, dude.. Its amazing!! And Im not saying EVERYONE should do it.. But: one heck of a lot of people, who still havent? Probably should. :)

I am a knowledgeable Christian.

cry more.

Both, to an extreme degree.


Atheism is the religion full of beliefs, yet not one of then can state how any of their/your beliefs could have ever come to be! Can you?

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