What would you ask Donald Trump if he was here right now?

I wouldn’t ask I would say thanks!

What brand of tanning bed do you use

If he wants a cup of coffee...

What proof do you have that Russia has violated the nuclear arms treaty?

I would ask the one question that would make any egomaniac wet himself in anger: Who are you?

Can i slap you

Why do you hate anyone who isnt white?

Why he is here wasting my time

Do you have to practice being an azzzole ?or does it just come naturally ?

Do you love me as I have been waiting in line for multiple hours to see your concert presently?

Do you believe in God and then therefore do you believe in his laws and have you dude should you be put to death for everything you’ve done in the name of God

do u like mexicans

Are you stupid, or is it an act?

How we could make the process of legalization simpler

Do you know Jesus as your personal savior?

I would ask him why he hasnt announced in very clear terms that no applications for asylum would be accepted at the border.

I wouldnt allow that scumbag anywhere near me because his lies insult my intelligence. If hes talking, hes lying. Hes dedicated to telling his followers what they want to hear which means avoiding truth that displeases them. That BS bothers me.

What, did Putin and Kim cancel the weekly cyber 3-way?

Can I have about $2 million dollars?

Is it fun to make Liberals cry?

why are you such an asshole

Id be like Mr. Dump. You are aware God almighty sees thru your lies right. ANd then id say why are you so bad at lying? You lie ALL THE TIME lol

All the dopes here with the wise-*** answers would run errands for him and kiss his *** if he told them to.

Why are you such a f*****g liar!

in which part of the world did he find a hair style like that, that **** fresh asf

Dear Donald, do you think that Americans will ever recognize that you are about to kill millions of them in the global war that youre manufacturing?

Nothing, why would you ask a liar anything?

Thank him for cutting my taxes

Give him hand job.

Will you please resign the presidency so as to save this country?

......! Personally I dont know.

Hey Trump, the Mexicans are flooding in. Where’s that big fūçkïñg wall you promised?

When will student loans be discharged

Why dont you go ahead and resign?

Could you please resign and then move to Russia??

I actually have no reason to ask him anything.

why is your hair not grey like all other 70+ year olds

Nothing. You never get any kind of honest insights from powerful people. Any of them. And any kind of ambush type question rolls right off them, like water off the back of a duck. Thus, what is the point.

Are you gonna do whats right this time? Dont separate the brats from their parents. Just send the whole damn bunch back to where the came from TOGETHER. ok?

What did you have for dinner last night?

Were you dropped on your head at birth?

How do you get your spray tan to get so even looking?

How did you get in my house

Hows your poorly trotters, Draft dodger ?

Napalm or Phosphate? What will be best to use along the border?

Was Stormy Daniels any good?

how are you going to stop the Caravan?

Id ask him why the military wasnt on the border yet. Id ask him why he doesnt try crowd funding the wall. And I would tell him well give him the power to do all that hes promised by voting next month.

Smokey told you not to play with fire!!!

Are your daughters **** real? Are Melanias? What about yours?

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