Why is it that white people try to dominate everything but throw fits when they lose a bit of power?

White people? Rather are Large Generalization, no?

Still seeing people through the prism of racial groups? When I see a person I see a person. When racist liberals see a person they see a member of a race.

We know what happens when whites lose control. Everything that had been built over centuries just fall apart. The same is going too happen in US too. Right now, others are working on the infrastructure, institutions and ideas created by whites. When whites are gone, everything will come to halt. You people complain about lack of diversity among actors and actresses in movies. But you are not pushing for the same level diversity in technicians, script writers, directors, cinematographers who work BEHIND the screen. Do you get it ?

White people earned every bit of what they got. Blacks had to leech from other races for their situation

You are speaking about liberals, and your copy cat demented mind stole that from my answer to your last question are all whites narcissists. I said liberals throw fits...... Grow up kid, you sound like a mentally challenged foreigner with low IQ. Now your leftist brain will copy that and ask that in reverse because you are a troll.

White fragility.

If this were true, 50% of white people wouldnt vote for libtards such as ocasia cortez or whatever her name is.

7500 years of albino inbreeding.

Television isnt everything.

Thats white privilege for you, buddy.

White people are not losing power to non-whites, they are handing it over. People who are black and brown are receiving positions of power simply for being black and brown. Even white women today fight to take power away from white men, thinking disempowering white men will somehow help them. This is the fall of the west in the making.

Unlike some delusioned European whites, its the middle eastern Jews who create different the modern world. Anyone from Chinese, Arabs, Indians could have built the modest Renaissance type civilization. Th great leap into modern world was done by the Jews.

If you have been in power for so long and someone else comes along like Jones that could possibly threaten that, you would throw fits too.

blacks destroy, whites build

Because the only time anything works right is when white people dominate it. Has anyone cited the example of South Africa yet?

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