Republicans, do you like the fact that were entering a second dark age?

Your dark age began with obama trying to destroy America. The temperature rises above two degrees almost everyday. Of course you meant average; however Astrophysicists have confirmed that earth has been closer to the sun than at anytime in recoded history which is why we have experienced higher temperatures. You can help by killing off your entire immediate and extended family to help us live longer.

The world in dying, only your world is dying

Do you even know what innovation per capita means? Note that your chart shows a decline starting around 1920, not 1980. That is crap.

The Earth has been warming on its own very naturally since the last Ice Age. Its only recently that weve had the equipment to actually be able to measure it but make no mistake the glaciers didnt melt in a year, theyve been melting year after year for thousands of years and it continues to this day thanks to that 864,000 mile wide ball of burning gas that heats our planet. Also global warming is a good thing! Now the Northwest Passage is being open to ships in the Summer. Before you couldnt do shipping North of Canada pretty much ever because of the ice but last Summer a dozen cargo ships went from Europe to China and vice versa no problem! That number is expected to grow next year and make goods cheaper while producing more jobs in Europe and China and Northern Canada/Alaska. Global Warming also means warmer seas which means more rain which means better farming conditions and less starvation in places like Sub-Saharan Africa. Also the more government intervention there is in the economy the less innovation. Name one thing the government has invented? You cant! The Private Sector invented everything we enjoy! So if economic growth is stagnating its because its too hard for people to open small businesses because of all the red tape and high taxes from the government.

It shows that we haven’t had as many innovations since the personal computer...

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Nope , Democrats would create a dark age

Why, because the DNC has been delayed from creating the 1984 state?

I dont think we are. I dont think the Democrats are going to take the House

So where did you get your Economics degree? Government inference with the Economy that allows overvaluing of assets is the only thing that will destroy our Economy. Down with Monetary Policy! Do you understand what I said? EDIT: Furthermore you and 99% of all those who act as they know anything about climatology only know the superficial things theyve been told by lying Politicians and those who seek grant money from them. The Earths magnetic field has declined substantially and theres nothing we can do about that. They believe maybe we can reduce its effects by curbing human activity that might make it worse. That is what theyre not willing to tell you!

This is merely another stage in the pattern that we continue to repeat as a species again and again and again. No matter how much we learn, grow, progress and thrive...there will always be a group unevolved idiots who will drag us back into the abyss. We build up, they tear down. It is the same throughout history. And we call ourselves enlightened.

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