Could the allies have won the Great War without help from the United States?

yes austrailia

Probably not. France was near collapse, Russia had collapsed, the British could not win alone. War probably would have simply ended in a draw

Probably not. But in war nothing is ever certain.

No. However a more honorable peace could have been negotiated. THAT might have made Europe less likely to have a SECOND great war.

The allies had essentially won WW1 before the Americans arrived.From a morale and funding point of view the arrival of the Americans was very helpful but militarily the Americans in WW1 were a non event.The Americans first battle experiences were as support troops to the Australians at the battle of Hamel in an attempt to expose them to battle with the more experienced and battle hardened Australians. The Americans had arrived with little equipment and had to be supplied from stocks of the French and British, they had to be supplied with everything from Machine guns to Helmets.

Given that we entered the war after the Allies had already taken the edge off Germany and fought its Grand Fleet to a standstill it is reasonable to assume that they would have won the war without us. Even the offensive of spring 1918, Ludendorfs last great gamble, failed before our expeditionary force had arrived in any numbers. The Allies held that line without us. My own grandfather resigned his commission in the US Army and enlisted in the Canadian forces when we failed to do the right thing in 1914. He fought over there from early 1915 to the end, and I will accept his very critical judgement of our isolationist policies and arrogant assumption that our intervention was the deciding factor. As a West Point graduate and eyewitness it is fair to assume he knows more than some fool who served from June to November of the last year. The British Empire was still in control of the seas, guaranteeing the Allied supply lines. While the casualties had been horrific, literally wiping out a generation of Europes youth, the Allies refused to accept any peace short of victory. It dishonours them and us to claim that our extremely late awareness of duty was all that saved them.

The USSR would eventually be able to crush Germany and Japan, though it will probably take longer.

No. The US financed everyone. Thats why the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913 (just in time for WW 1). Its meant to bankroll conflicts and other foreign policy (such as supporting Israel). Without financing from the United States, very few wars would be extended for so long.

The Germans suffered greatly from the eastern front. Russia broke the back of the German army, and would have won the war themselves. Then the Russians would have taken most of Europe as well. In the Pacific front the allies would have been to exhausted to defeat the Japanese. The Japanese would have had control over China and most of the SE Asia. The Allies, without the help of the United States, would have seen Hitler defeated but Europe would not be the same. Russia and Japan would have been the biggest strongest and most powerful countries in the world today.

Not really, they needed the resources provided by the USA.

NO. When Hitler declared war against the United States on December 12th, 1941, Churchill exclaimed: We just won the war!

Doubtful, by the beginning of 1917 the French and British were essentially broke. The French were essentially bled white, they were literally running out of men. In Britain when Lloyd George took over the government the first thing he did was withhold 400,000 men from going to the continent. After the Battle of the Somme he had no intentions of sending any more men over until General Haig came up with a better idea, because what they were doing simply wasnt working. Clemenceau basically made the same evaluation. What stymied both sides in the process of stopping the bloodbath was that each wanted to walk away with more than they started. The French wanted the Alsace Lorraine back, the Germans wanted Belgium and all of Poland and neither side would consider negotiations until they were certain they would get them

I dont think so, in three years Britain and France together couldnt defeat Germany on the Western Front and that was while a million German soldiers were also fighting Russia on the Eastern Front. But in the fourth year of the war, after Germany had defeated Russia in 1917, those German soldiers were sent to the Western Front. If the Americans hadnt been added to the defensive line on the Western Front in 1918 I think Germany would have the manpower to eventually break through the British and French lines and defeat them.

Define help

Yes. As usual the Americans were more of a hindrance than a help.

Yes. They would win either way, but it would have taken longer and killed more people.

By The Great War I assume you mean World War I. Most of the respondents seem to be assuming you meant World War II. References to the USSR are a give away since the USSR was not formed until 1922. The Russian Revolution was in 1917, and caused Russia to sign a separate peace with the Central Powers. I think eventually the Allied Powers would have prevailed without the US, due to British control of the seas, and the blockage of German ports.

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