Cons claim were not against legal immigration but the GOP is now campaigning to end it - immigration based on family, green card lottery?

...being born on US soil. These are the legal means to gain US citizenship and conservatives are trying to stop them for minority applicants as we speak. Is it maybe about them just not liking Spanish speakers or people from 3rd world countries?

funny how you can only win arguments against yourself....

And yet again, you have posted a statement and a rant, NOT A QUESTION!! And yet again, you try to clean it up with meandering Updates. Is it really too much for you to stop, look at your own writing, and ask yourself Is this written as a question? before you post!?

Chain migration and the random lottery are not the only two ways of immigrating to the US legally. Those are simply two particular programs that need to be curtailed or eliminated.

Immigration should be based on merit, not because youre someones third cousin once removed or because you won a lottery.

Where ever you are hearing this, it is a lie! They are not stopping the legal means of immigration. They want to stop the illegal loopholes. Stop drinking the kool aid!

Cons are pure racists. Actually white women more and more are choosing black men, the better choice. And leading racist insecure white men in the past to rot and die. white babies are now a minority of the babies born in America, mixed race beauty and peace is the future for America. Racist white men are left crying and looking at interractial pornography, lifelong virtual cuckolds. That is their destiny for their racism. Peace from Japan, and god bless.

Immigration based on merit is immigration. LOL

More FAKE NEWS from the Left. Cons are not trying to end immigration based on family. Restrict it yes, but not end it. Instead of allowing someone to bring in every cousin or aunt, it will be restricted to immediate family only. Spouse, son, daughter, mom and dad. Even when all is said and done, the US will still be allowing around a million immigrants a year, most from poor nations. Why isnt that good enough?

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