Where did all the wacky conspiracy Trumpsters go?

Can you imagine Hannity trying to spin this away. And Rush is probably slobbering all over himself.

It would be naive to assume that they are mortified and feeling shame, wouldnt it? For two days the blue faces and regulars like the Thunderous Barbarian have been screaming False flag! and the Democrats did it! I wonder how many will admit their precious Real news sources lied to them? Do you suppose that even one will confess to the error? No, they will take their cue from the President and blame the media for doing its job.

I’m still waiting for the prime suspect to die after being shot by a bar owner.

Buying bottle of GOO GONE which is very effective in removing political window decals, in case they can get access to a certain white van.

Probably their job. You obviously wouldnt understand.

Id guess that with a suspect in custody they are waiting to learn the updated facts .

They went to the same place they go when they blame Black Americans for crimes before the facts come out showing the criminal was white. They disappear back to their Troll Farms.

Im sure theyre busy at Stormfront and Alex Jones websites trying to devise a new conspiracy to explain how all of this is the Democrats fault. Theyll probably start saying he was some undercover political operative who was paid to pretend to be a Trump supporter or some other such nonsense.

They dont want to come here when things are bad for them. They only come here because they think they can gloat about Trump being president. So tiresome

Arent they still living rent free in your head?

Waiting for talking points. They have a problem now that there are youtube video of their domestic terrorist at Trump rallies with his MAGA hat.

They are waiting on instructions from Hannity tonight

All inside the head of this bomber.

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