Are strawberries really good for your healthy?

The grocery store I go to has a discount right now - they are selling 8 cups of strawberries for only $5.00! I bought 8 cups!

May cause allergies

Are you diabetic? If you are dont eat them. If not strawberries are as far as i know safe to eat.

They are good for you, but not that many.

yes and so are all fresh fruits...I love grapefruit too.

Yes they are good for you...I have them every day with breakfast cereal :)

All fruits have nutritional value. You can do a quick search on nutritional value strawberries if you want to see exactly how you are benefiting yourself for that $5. Enjoy!

Fresh fruits and veggies are good for you, but a balanced diet is still important. You need fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, carbs, and fat. Fruit is fine for vitamins and carbs, but they wont provide you with much fat or protein.

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