How can liberals both defend Harvard for using race as an entrance criteria, and Warren for lying about her race?

It just does not seem to make sense.

For one thing, Warren did not lie about her race.

The evidence recently released suggests that Warren is being truthful regarding her heritage. Per the geneticist: The facts suggest that you absolutely have a Native American ancestor in your pedigree.

Warren did not lie. Why do republicans think all women lie?

Because she at no time received any preferential treatment for checking that box, the one time. Now explain how conservatives can be so butturt by Warren, but ignore that Trump told lies about being Swedish for decades. He was in his forties before he came out of the closet as German.

Having said that others told her she had Native American ancestry is not lying about her ancestry. Turns out the people that told her were correct. She has Ancestry 96-10 generations) consistent with what she was told. Youre deliberately lying about Warren because youre scared shes going to run in 2020 and beat your Orange Emperor God. Your lying will not have the effect you think it will have. She wins over Trump in a cakewalk. Enjoy the suck!

You should be more concerned how Rich Kids and Politically Connected Kids get preference from the Admissions Committee. Wake up. Focus on some real issues.

Wow, you guys are triggered this morning! Ive never seen a group of people go so ballistic over a DNA test. What next? Where is Warrens Cherokee birth certificate? How do we know she wasnt born in Indonesia?

Same old, same old. Lies and misrepresentations is all you guys have. Elizabeth Warrens ancestry not a factor in hiring decision by Harvard – report

It is the Supreme Court which defends the use of race as a soft factor in college admissions. And Warren didnt lie about her race. In fact, she just took a test which proves she was telling the truth.

Please note, the Republican Party does not agree with race quotas or other entitlements based upon race. That issue is 100% democrat, from start to finish. Period.

1/1024th Yep, that in a twisted lying dems mind more than qualifies to check off the native American box.

She should be disbarred and charged with fraud.

The left eventually eats itself based on their strategy of divisive balkanization, just like how transgenders playing sports actually penalize womens achievements and how male gays are starting to be called part of the cis-white patriarchy by other elements of the LGBTQ citizenry.

Liberals never make sense. So it makes perfect sense.

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