Do you agree with CA Dems that giving someone a plastic straw should be punishable by 6 months in jail.?

This is what a Dem controlled Congress would mean for the nation

That should be the minimum punishment.

Since thats not in the law you need to make up new lies.

its bunk

Yes, because we all know that before the invention of plastic, the world did not exist. Therefore, any attempt to do away with plastic is an obvious attempt at destroying the world because the world did not exist before the invention of tons and tons of single use plastic products that are then dumped on the Earth everyday continually decade after decade after decade. If someone walked up to you an the street and handed you a plastic bag filled with plastic straws and said, Here, this is for you. A free gift and then walked away leaving you holding your plastic prize, what would you do? look for the nearest garbage can? Most likely, or worse, throw it on the ground. You really want those plastic straws, dont you?

Not at all. The solution is COMPETITIVELY PRICED, BIODEGRADABLE straws.

I may pick up a box of straws at Costco and hand them out for free .

Oh please stop with the histrionics. Heres the punishment: The first and second violations of subdivision (a) shall result in a warning, and any subsequent violation shall constitute an infraction punishable by a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25) for each day the food facility is in violation, but not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300) annually. Bill text: Also, the bill clearly states that customers may request a plastic straw and there is no violation. Do I agree with it? No, but dont be so goddamn dishonest about it because when you are you simply delegitimize opposition.

How much is it costing to put it in a landfill? China says they are no longer taking our plastics for recycling.

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