Coworker lives in same apartment as me and is asking $20 for gas money?

Do you think having you in her car, she should pay for the extra gas used?

Move to a different apartment. Then she will have to go out of her way to pick you up and you can happily pay the $20 for the exact same service knowing she is being seriously inconvenienced.

Stop riding with her because she is using you. If she is driving the same distance that she normally would then she does not need gas money. I can understand if she maybe wanted like 10 bucks a week just for doing you a favor but $20 bucks a day is just Being greedy as hell. I’ve taken a few coworkers home before and actually had to go out of my way and I never asked for $20 bucks for gas, in fact sometimes I would get nothing but it didn’t really bother me. I think she’s being unreasonable and greedy if you two live on the same exact block and she wants $20 for gas each time.

. $20 is cheap. Okay. Hire a TAXI. See how much that is going to cost you. You are NOT TAKING INTO ACCOUNT: wear & tear on her vehicle; cost of oil changes; cost of tire changes as they wear out faster; cost of insurance(even though it has not increased...YOU are now a 3rd party Liability that could SUE her in case there is an accident(meaning all gain for you and penalty for her); your additional weight ADDS to the fuel consumption so the car gets less MPG with you in the car costing her to get gas more often; hassle waiting for you. . These little costs all add up. (an extra stop does not cost her more money as it is a TASK SHE HAS TO DO) Your choice is: WALK(meaning getting up 3 hours earlier), RIDE A BIKE(getting up 2 hours earlier), DRIVE YOUR OWN CAR(meaning insure it and put in the gas and oil and WAY OVER $20) She works at the same place you do so gets the same wage you do...and you can save your money for that Caribbean cruise but she cant? You now see where you are taking her for a ride,. trying to ride for free. THERE IS NO FREE RIDE ANYWHERE. LIFE.

Choices: 1. You pay $20/week. 2. You drive your own car. Total costs of a car is over $ 0.50 / mile.

You are being GIVEN a ride. You are the one that does not have a car. Your co-worker can tell you to take a hike or ride the bus. Of course , you can just be trolling.

Save the gas money and catch a bus. Im amazed how the passenger feels put out by the drivers needs or diversion. Its the driver doing YOU a favour not the other way round.

Pay the gas money, or make alternative arrangements. Walking is free.

Pay your share, cheapskate.

Binary solution. Tell them yes or no.

Personally I think thats pretty messed up. Your starting point and the destination is the exact same place. So it doesnt cost her a penny. The classy thing (for you) would be to make sure to do her a favor, any time she needs one, or pay for her lunch sometime, etc. But the bottom line is that its her car. She makes the rules. She could ask for $200 extra, and you pay it or you find a different way to work. Shes showing what kind of person she is by asking you for money for the exact same trip she would be making regardless.

So dont pay. Then take the bus. You expect a free ride?

I think you need to find a different way to work, so you can get some experience. Pay her something for when she drove you and just dont be involved with her any more. Is there a bus to get you to work? If yes, then try it. Buy a monthly bus pass if they have such a thing there. Im curious how far your apartment is from your job? Im also curious about how much the $20 covers. Is this for a week? Or something else? How many times has she driven you? p.s. It took me a while to learn to not become involved with coworkers and to not share personal or private information with them. The outcome is often bad feelings, and you dont need to be stuck working with people who have a grip on you in some way.

Sooooooooooo .......................... pay him or walk to work.

For tax purposes the gov approves of .54 a mile because that is the average it costs to drive. So multiply .54 by the number of miles your neighbor drives you to find the value of the ride. Lets guess work is 20 miles away with two trips a day, there and back. The value of that service with zero profit is $21.80 a day. Its value doesnt change if your neighbor also needs to go that way or not. The only change is IF people decide to split the cost. So what does your $20 buy you? Are you paying a fair share of cost? Are you paying .27 a mile? Or do you feel entitled to the use of somebody elses car? What does $20 buy you? I can get a quart of oil and a cheap car wash with that.

You should have offered $20 before even being asked for it .

is that $20/month/week/day? stop whining, she is free to ask for should be paying at least half the gas...not to mention she has wear and tear expenses on her car..sure you dont add to that, but you are benefiting from it. how much would it cost you to get other transportation? look up the mileage to work, look up the gas miles for the type of car and gas prices and estimate how much gas alone costs for the trips..and remember there are also wear and tear expenses you should be sharing in as well as insurance. you are acting like a self entitled charity case brat. say insurance is 60/month or 2/day, she drives you 20 days per should be paying $1 per day toward insurance for round trip or 50 cents per day for a 1 way ride...for insurance alone..figure half the days driving is to work, half is without you. and yeah, your added weight does use a little more gas/stress on the car.

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