Conservatives is this true about the west?

I am Japanese, I think we are preserving our people more than you are preserving yours. For example here we have 3 percent babies born where one parent is foreign, but of these around 90 percent of these are a parent who is Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese etc (these are counted as foreigners in Japan)....

No wonder you guys backed Hitler.

I assume you needed to catch up on the irony portion of your troll studies before taking the certification test...

evolution does not proceed in the ways you or i think it does. its more of try everything and hope that, by random chance, some part of the whole works well. that more successful part with then expand to dominate the entire field. cultural purity doesnt seem like something evolution would support ... too easy for a calamity to wipe out entire culture because of some shared feature. having fewer shared features, or features that are only partly shared seems more likely to survive in long run

You need to check out the west.

Because of self hate

I am wondering why just conservatives. And not Westerners in general.

The West is no longer White. So in writting this, you are not really asking Westerners, but White Westerners Specifically. Making you a typical East Asian Licker of White Āsses.

Ho white troll.

I dont care. I dont place an irrational value on skin color. If you were born with black skin or white skin in America, then you are American to me. Culture goes deeper than the surface of ones skin. >Isnt is sad though? How groups will no longer exist. How will they no longer exist? >And their culture ultimately lost. How? Again, you are tying culture to skin color. You have such a sad and shallow view of culture. African Americans have been part of American culture since day 1. They are just as part of my countrys culture as white European Americans. You are an incredibly shallow individual. >Wouldnt it be sad to see your own people being bred out right in front of you? My people are not being bred out. White people arent my people. If you are a white nationalist, I want absolutely nothing to do with you. And white people are not being bred out. Theyre just being diluted among other races, but that doesnt mean white people are going anywhere. Dilute sugar in water and the sugar still exists. You seem to have this strange mindset that if you keep adding enough water to sugar, the sugar will disappear. It doesnt. Just boil the water off and youll see all the sugars still there. White people will cease to be the majority in a few decades in this country, but that doesnt mean white people are being killed off. They still exist. Its just other races are breeding faster than white people.

Your culture also lead to several severe societial problems. Youre birth rates have dropped dramatically over the past few decades. This is causing a inbalance in age ratio, where the percentage of old is currently increasing while the percentage of young is decreasing. This will cause a major problem in the future where it will cause to have manpower shortage of those who are able to employ in the workforce. This can cause a huge economic problem. Your culture also has an increasing suicide rate because of your extreme views and overzelous focus on failure and competition. Where those who are unable to compete and fail fall into a very deep state of depression and hides from society. Because they know that their culture doesnt tolerate failure and sees it as a sin. You guys have a name for them, I dont remember the japanese word for them but in English I think they are called grass eater? Oh and dont even get me started on your judicial system, and how a very large percent of those commited of a crime are actually innocent, and the only thing it takes to convict someone of a crime is their conviction to the crime, even when they didnt do it. How you can hold someone for 30 days without them being allowed to contact a lawyer. And how you guys practically use boarderline inhumane interrigation tactics to force a conviction. Youre culture is destorying your society. I have respect for the japanese people. Hell I work for Toyota (Toyoda) here in the states. But your culture is destorying its own people.

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