What would happen if you went to the Canadian embassy in London to apply for asylum?

Does the threat have to be imminent for the Embassy to grant you asylum?

I think you should be allowed as as many English children here are raped by Muslims Google Muslim gang rape of whites Rotherham...and 200 other towns and cities

If I went I would be laughed out of the offices. As I do not qualify for or have any need to seek asylum in either Canada or the UK. My parents had something to do with my getting allowed entrance the day I was born. What might happen to you. An officer will hear your claim and direct you to the correct place to go. You must visit the asylum screening unit if you’re in the UK and want to claim asylum. Make an appointment for screening by phoning the screening unit. Appointment line Telephone: 020 8196 4524 Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4:45pm Friday, 9am to 4:30pm They can give the address after they hear your story. Did you expect to be fed some Saskatoon pie a few maple cookies and a cup a tea while waiting? You do not want to get the internal guards mad at you. They are well trained and will escort you to the arms of UK Police. Could the Embassy shelter you? YES in very rare situations. Do not expect it. A few Americans did it at a Canadian Embassy a few years ago.They made a movie about it. You can Google the Ambassador Ken Taylor for more details. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/17/world... Taylor said: U.S. citizens have long memories, particularly when they feel themselves in a dilemma where theyre looking for an ally and that ally is there and is prepared to act on their behalf whatever the consequences. Obviously President Trump is not one that agrees with that. President Reagan was much nicer about the situation. EMBASSY does not grant asylum. In Canada asylum is grated by Immigration officials. If the claim is determined to be eligible, it will be referred to the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) for a hearing.

If you re a British citizen probably laughter.

Since you are in a safe country, you are ineligible to apply for asylum anywhere in the world. IF UK has denied you asylum, you are ineligible to apply for asylum anywhere for the rest of your life. It was a one-shot deal. You must be fleeing imminent danger of persecution on the basis of political beliefs & activities, religion, etc, and apply at the nearest safe border to qualify under international conventions on asylum. So, being in UK, no asylum for you anywhere. Not eligible.

You have to apply at entry to the country.

The UK is a safe country so you could not apply for asylum at the Canadian Embassy. You needed to apply for asylum when you arrived at the UK Border control as the UK is a safe country.

If youre in the UK, you need to seek asylum from the British government. Yo have to be in Canada to seek asylum in Canada.

The first question they would ask is why havent you been to the local police

What would be the basis for your claim and proof that it was legitimate ? Beyond that, youd also have to prove that staying in the UK was a real threat to your life.

They will beat you to death with a blunt object.

You will get denied

The UK is already a safe country, so. legally, the Canadian High Commission could do nothing for you.

The Canadian High Commission, not embassy. Theyd laugh at you. The UK is a safe country.

They will tell that you should have applied for asylum in the first safe country that you came to. That wasnt even the UK. It would have been somewhere else.

I do not have a clue, and do not plan to find out. As I can be at the Canadian border in under 10 minutes.

You would need to be a Canadian for them to be interested.

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