Why does the media post about some duck boating accident in Arkansas, but ignores Chicago, the middle east, and third world country genocide?

Ongoing situations only become headline news when there are flare-ups. The situation in Gaza looked like it was going to flare up but has settled down for now. The DUKW accident has grabbed the headlines because nine members of the same family died, there is a possibility the operator was negligent and there was mobile phone footage. If just one person had died it would only have been a local news story.

No bloody idea! First item on BBC News today. To hell with Israel and the Gaza. To hell with Yemen. to hell with everything and everyone who might not be 100% WHITE! Come back Hitler, all is forgiven, except that those males who are circumcised and can prove there not Muslim may be exempted.

It was in Missouri, not Arkansas. Learn some geography. I havent seen the media ignoring any of those things. In fact, if it werent for the media, youd never know about those things and therefore would never post this ridiculous question.

European adapters are nice

Heres a clue, sparky. The news media can actually cover MORE than one story in a day. Thats why they have more than one reporter and more than one anchor, if on TV, to do that. The boat accident was a legit news story, and a tragic one. That would dont grasp that just shows the depths of your stupidity and depravity.

The incident in Missouri was news, and the perils of a canopy type excursion boat. thats important to cover, but it is important to cover it accurately, for the tragedy that I think your referring to was in Missouri, not Arkansas proving you to be FAKE news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE YOUR PRESIDENT!! Just another tragedy, because the problems with the boat has been known, NO REGULATION!

Liberal bleeding hearts. They ignore the real issues

The MSM only reports what they want you to hear.

I was just on the NY Times sites and they seem to cover all of those stories. Its called news. If youre getting your news from a twitter feed or snapchat - youre kind of hopeless anyway.

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