Why are liberals such selfish people?

And egotistical to boot

Since when?

It is because you are a complete failure at judging people

Selfish, egotistical, maniacal, narcissist, self-conscious, low IQ, liar,= trump

Many believe their Marxist Indoctrination received from their Marxist Union Professors makes them Elitists who have some bogus right to dominate you. They dont have to work, they can use the Power of the IRS to unjustly extort assets from you to use against your best interests. Neve elect a Socialist. Socialism is a scam designed to empower Elitist Despots. Charity comes from the heart. Libs generally dont give much to charity. Gifts via the IRS are Extortion.

Maybe because they CAN be?

That sounds more like c0ns to me.

The modern Conservative is engaged in one of mans oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. John Kenneth Galbraith Contards are the biggest selfish cucks that there are. Plus, theyre willfully stupid. They have no issue with buying house or auto insurance, and that is exactly how health insurance works. You pay for the coverage, and when you have a claim, you will get more than you paid in, when you need it. I didnt have a car accident this year, so my money is paying for other peoples damaged cars and injuries. Grrr. Typical stupid contard. The only difference between home & auto and health is that health insurance works best when 100% of the population in included, both for coverage and for revenue. Most civilized places do it in a public system and through taxes, for the same reason why even the GOP doesnt demand that homeowners build their own roads and streets.

We’re not the one’s inviting Putin to US Soil aren’t we????

Oh really? Is that why they want universal healthcare and tax paid tuition?

The question is mean spirited rightie garbage.

Because they didnt have any positivė ???? role modėls growing up so majority of LIEbrals feel its ok to cheat & liė & stėal thėir way towards victory.

Theyre deluded and brainwashed people. They grew up in conformist societies where the population is heavily controlled. Try wearing a MAGA hat in California. Heck, try sending a middle schooler to school without Vans shoes. They will literally get beat up. Liberals have no minds of their own. They were bred this way from a young age.

Its called confirmation bias. Youre just sad and stupid.

Theres nothing more selfish than expecting others to take care/pay for those who are in need. Liberals are not charitable... they think making wealthy people pay more in taxes is charity.

I disagree. And Conservatives starts with a C.

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