Smoke coming from exhaust after 15-20 mins of driving.?

I have a 1976 ford ltd 7.5l. It drives fine but after maybe 15-20 minutes smoke starts to come from the exhaust pipes. I checked the oil and radiator and it looks fine. Oil and radiator fluid is not mixing.

What color is the smoke? Black-mixture way too rich. Blue-burning oil White-head gasket is going or gone.

What color is the smoke? White? Blue? Black?

Get the compression checked.

I am not a mechanic, but I used to have an LTD/460/C6. If you havent mucked with your smog, you have EGR and a coffee can looking thing with tubes running around and something goes bad it will probably smoke. You can probably get information on removing the smog crap.

Steam comes out of every tailpipe for the first 5 minutes tops and it is gone. Sounds like you are burning oil. Stand in the cloud and take a sniff. It is a smell you will not forget. Burning oil. 1976? How many miles and was it all highway miles? If you drove in the bush fishing that is off road. so the car is geared lower. so number of miles is actually higher than what is on the odometer. It is a FORTY TWO YEAR OLD TRUCK. If it wasnt burning oil that would be strange. They do not last forever(only unless you only took it out on Sundays for 40 years...then it is below the expected mileage for that vehicle.(or 420,000 miles is the expect average low end miles on an average use truck.

Number one is to check the PCV valve. It can create moisture or become clogged and then back pressure from oil can pressurize the oil in the crank case and push it into the emission systems. This is the cheapest and easiest thing to fix. Milky fluid means that moisture has built up and oil in the PCV system means that the valve is not functioning which pressurizes your oil system. White steam (water) or dark smoke (oil). If it is just coming out of the tailpipe then this is something getting into the combustion chamber. Worst case is a crack water jacket in the block. If the rings were that bad then you would be talking about the loss of power also. The likely candidate if not the PCV is the valve seats or valves themselves.

What COLOR is this smoke and how thick is it? Does iot leave a cloud that lingers in the air or does it dissipate easily even with no wind? Without knowing that we cannot help you. Try again.

Perhaps the automatic transmission vacuum modulator is failing. This will suck transmission fluid into the intake manifold.

Maybe the engine is just worn out. (Short answer for a question short on details)

Is there anything noteworthy about the color or smell of the smoke? If you wipe the inside of the exhaust pipe with a white cloth, what do you get?

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