How hard is it to learn to drive a stick?

I am wondering how hard it is to learn to drive a stick shift. My mom is driving her boyfriends Mazda Pickup this summer which is a stick. I have my learners permit and have not been able to dive any in over a month since I do not know how to drive a stick. I have been trying to talk mom into teaching me to...

Impossible for you, since theres no stick shift available to you. Your uncledaddy has a truck that your mother borrows. That doesnt make it also yours to borrow. You need to talk to him instead of us. If you learned to ask people for stuff, they might help you. Ask him as nicely as you can, and if his wife doesnt object, he just might agree to help you.

Its simple

Trust your mom in what she says. She has been around you long enough to know what you are capable of learning. Stick is not one of them. Not now, anyways. There is more to driving than knowing how to make the vehicle move. So much more. Stay with automatic as that is easier and you will get you license. . Also you can NOT CARRY PASSENGERS even family members. You are not Mom is risking her neck and that of your sister while you are LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE? She better read the book and see that is NOT ALLOWED.

Find an empty parking lot to learn. Believe it or not its easier to learn in reverse. Its the lowest gear ratio and makes it easy to learn the coordination between clutch and gas.

Easy and hard are relative terms. What I find easy, you may not, or vice versa. Also, some vehicles are more difficult to learn on than others. If its a vehicle with a narrow friction point on the clutch pedal, a very sensitive accelerator pedal, and/or a mushy feeling gear shifter, it can make learning more difficult. Ive driven my neighbours standard Mazda pick up truck before and I remember the shifter throws were quite long and the e-brake was a foot brake pedal which makes take-offs from an incline more difficult to do without rolling backwards into a vehicle behind you. There would be easier vehicles to learn on.

It is VERY VERY VERY easy.

Most people in the UK learn to drive stick from the word go. It does talke a little getting used to but with the proper TRAINING it soon comes naturally

(2) my little sister will have to ride between us in the middle seat NOT legal anyway, Skippy... There MUST be an ADULT licensed driver sitting in the seat next to you.

I learned how to drive a stick when I was 14. How hard can it be?

Very simple, if you are coordinated

After a while its just like walking, you dont even think about it, you just do it.

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