Do you agree with Trump who seems to think Rob Porter is being wrongfully accused?

Just an Allegation of improper behavior seems to be enough to completely destroy a persons career these days. True or not doesnt seem to matter.

Does he think he is wrongly accused or does he just think punching your wife isnt a real crime? Since not one but two wives have accused him of similar actions.

Trump didnt say that. He said there should be due process - considering someone innocent until proven guilty. Do YOU have proof that Porter did what he was accused of?

Not wrongfully accused. His position is that all defendants deserve due process. Wouldnt YOU want a chance to defend yourself?

no hes only calling him innocent for personal gain, as usual

trump is focusing on porters wife beating . he is avoiding talking about porters lack of security clearance . trump was warned a year ago that porter did not have the proper security clearance . who granted him interim clearance ? Kushner too . he lied to many times on the application about not meeting all the Russian agents , when he did . jared will never pass . the fbi said he was at risk of being compromised or blackmailed by foreign agents . this is worse than Hillary using a non government server for her E mails . we need congress to have a hearing on this .

Trump never said that...more FAKE NEWS

No. Lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny. Conservative way.

Im not a big supporter of consequences based on accusations alone . An admission or some sort of proof would make me much more comfortable with seeing people being punished .

Jim the snowflake has been to all 57 states. It is true because messiah obama said so. When a democrat ask such an asinine question, always use liberal logic as a response to expose the juvenile behavior of snowflakes. The democrat motto, guilty until proven innocent. Jim, stop crying

No, and its hillarious how many retarded cons are replying HE NEVER SAID THAT! even though Trump was on TV saying just that - I SAW him with my own eyes, morons, and heard the words coming out of his mouth, so DONT f**king tell me it didnt happen, because it DID.

I know less about it than you do...

Its unimportant what you imagine that Trump seems to think. If you dont actually know what Trump thinks, then all youre doing is being a fool speculating about it.

I dont really care about Rob Porter.

Im concerned at the current epidemic of guilt by accusation. However, Trump jumping on the bandwagon doesnt help anyones cause.

No, and I think he is hurting / not helping Porters problem by supporting him.

No Jim, I dont agree with trump. Do you and if so why?

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