Should people who believe in the deep state be banned from guns like other people with severe mental illnesses?

No, they should be given free psychiatric care. But Herr Trump restored the ability of documented mentally ill people to buy firearms so he could childishly tweak Obama’s nose.

No. However if the laws on the books now were enforced and followed then there would be less gun violence. This from the top police departments of this country. Former SSgt.

NO. You cant BAN people for having certain Beliefs. Though Im sure Hitler tried. Problem is most of these guys arent getting treatment . So there is NO WAY to know. MOST Gun Crimes dont Register or go through the process legally. Do you understand how that works. Thats why they are CRIMINALS. Just because you enter a GUN FREE ZONE doesnt mean crazy Leftists wont enter. And we know why they DO.

knowing the truth does not mean you are crazy 99% of govt employees are very biased to the left and thats a fact

No because that does not make them mentally ill

It’d be a start. There’s no such thing as a good guy with a gun. We were all born in sin according to the Bible, and only god is good. So anyone declaring themselves a “good guy” with a gun is lying and going against the Bible. Which is ironic because most of them are evangelicals.

Is deep state a gay euphemism for a prolapsed anus?

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