Cons: How do you feel about the conservative-leaning New York Post (which endorsed Trump in 2016) calling for sensible GUN CONTROL?

And just what sensible gun control would have prevented this latest school shooting? Background checks? The shooter passed them. Assault rifle ban? Fine, he shows up to school with a semi-auto rifle without a pistol grip or flash suppressor and kills just as many. Semi-auto rifle ban? Fine, he shows up with a semi-auto handgun and kills just as many, as demonstrated by the Virginia Tech shooting. Complete semi-auto ban? Fine, he shows up with a pump shotgun and proceeds to kill as many. Total gun ban? America will never stand for it!

NYP isnt anything to me..

Im still waiting for someone to define sensible or common sense gun laws. Great talking points that actually mean nothing. Just like assault weapon, ban assault weapons, but there is no specific definition. According to the senate a coupe of years ago, putting a pistol grip on a weapon Magically turned it into an assault weapon. How? It changes nothing about how a weapon fires, and it really doesnt change control or hold either. Its like putting chrome on a car for crying out loud. Oh it looks cool man, must make it go really fast huh?

Unimpressed. We reached the level of sensible gun control sixty years ago. Anything since then is excessive, nonsensical gun control and out to be repealed.

Sensible Gun Control is a vague and subjective term that has no definition . I both agree and disagree with it at the same time .

I havent read the Post since Hamliton sold it

Didnt you tell us its not a reliable source?

It was an opinion piece and as stated a representation of the opinion of one person.


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