Can cps take your child from you because you were asleep in the car with your child?

That will depend on a lot more than just that piece of information. If you are living in the car, quite possibly.

Not unless you are sleeping in the car because you dont have housing.

details matter. we dont have them. thus, we cant say

Theres so much more to this story. What is it?

Depends.. By asleep, do you mean you were passed out drunk or overdosed? Were you asleep in the car because you live there? Need more details

Yes. Im wondering why any adult would be asleep in a car anyway if they have a home. Were you drunk? Because if you were drunk and had been driving you were exposing your child to danger. Weather is also a factor. Were you exposing your child to extreme heat or cold? If so, you were endangering the life of your child. You arent providing all of the information and I suspect that is because you know CPS had a darn good reason for removing the child from your negligent care. Regardless, the child isnt being cared for properly.

The CPS are a law unto themselves. They can do what they want.

it depends if your car is running... and if any safety step was taking to keep the child safe even as you are asleep...

Was the car running?

Depends. Child endangerment will do that.

Just to add to the other helpful responses, for anyone who is experiencing homelessness, this website should have a local shelter (and related resources, such as a possible soup kitchen and/or food bank): With regard to concerns about cps possibly removing ones children from ones care, please consider talking with a defense lawyer. Some attorneys will offer a free *initial* consultation.

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