Is the political career of Hillary Clinton generally speaking, over? Or has she just been staying off the radar? Is she still scheming?

She has not been staying off the radar, she keeps popping up here and there and making some sort of controversial statement, some sort of attack on Trump. Which keeps her name out there. It is all calculated of course, as long as her name is still be slung around she will have options.

She is plotting her run for President of the World.

If i was her i would flee to Russia, there is no no extradition treaty with them.

Her political career exists only in the minds of Republicans, who still use her for fundraising and click bait.

Yep, she lives the the woods now.

Even when its pretty clear that Hillary has no intention of pursuing a political career any further, you people still feel the need to dig and swipe blows. That tells me that you FEAR her more than you hate her. Why waste your time asking questions about Hillary and Obama when they clearly are no longer an issue? What you need to focus on right now is what Trump (your current President) should be doing to stop any further school shootings. But of course, you use Hillary and Obama to divert attention away from the REAL issues of the day that are bothering everyone. Thats typical right wing action when faced with far more important issues than Hillarys political future.

The GOP has successfully tried and convicted Clinton in the court of public opinion based upon nothing more than allegation and was real banana republic sh!t...her political career on a national level is over...

She never goes away. Shes a liberal herpes sore. A chancre.

She is hateful Democrat looking for revenge against Trump and those who Voted for him!

Hopefully so

I think her political career is over, at least as far as holding an elected office. But I am sure she is still scheming. Someone with that amount of ego and prone to corruption, is thinking about how she can get more attention and power. Hillary has proved many times over why she cannot be trusted, and with her loosing track record, her other baggage (especially health concerns) her political career is over. Her latest book (What Happened?) did not help her cause, she just showed again that she still does not get why she lost.

I think its over in context of her failing the campaign for 2008 and 2016 presidency. I think the largest misstep of her political career was actually in 2012 regarding the Benghazi attack and how she handled those e-mails. I would say the half of Americans who didnt vote for her this past election generally think that was the beginning of the end.

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