1980-81 ta 4.9 vs 2005 crown victoria 4.6, which is faster?

Hi you are having a laugh right. when cars get old they are worn out and wear takes away the performance they once had.

The civilian Vic is governed to approximately 105 mph. The TA probably isnt

A 1980 - 81 4.9L was a dog motor due to low compression and a smog cam, turbo lag delayed its supposed 345 torque claim. The Crown was heavy but pretty peppy, my money is on it. Just checked, the turbo 4.9 T/A Firechicken that year did 16.9 in the quarter, the 05 Crown Vic does a flat 16

Probably the Crown Vic. That year TA likely had a carburetor.

THE T/A because its lighter.

The TA has way more torque, 345 vs. 287, which is what produces acceleration and is lighter. The 4.6 Crown Vics are big and rugged, but hardly rate as hotrods.

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