Why are we worried about global warming when it says online we are still in an ice age?

We have been in 5 ice ages over the last 2 billion years The first was like 2 billion years ago and lasted hundreds of millions of years The second one was 600 million years ago and lasted hundreds of millions of years Then we had another one about 300 million years ago lasting 100 million years And then...

Global warming is a lie. Its just the government trying to get us to buy solar panels and wind turbines. And solar powered cars

Nobody but the Ctrl-Left.

when the ice age arrives its going to be cold and i mean cold.

Ice ages only last about a 100,000 years and the warm spells in between (interglacials) 9,000 to 12,000 years, we are coming up to 12,000 years now. So yes another ice age is something to worry about.

The ice ages that have happened since homo sapiens became a species (last million years or so) have not lasted that entire million (circa) years. There is a cycle back and forth between ice ages and warmer periods lasting tens of thousands of years. Man-made global warming risks taking humanity outside of the climate regime our species, our civilization, and our economy have evolved and been developed to flourish under. And this man-made climate change is happening something like 10-20 times faster than the natural shift between cooler and warmer epochs.

First thing you do not understand is that it isnt whatever point this planet is with cooling or warming it is the increased speed at which it is now occurring. Scientist have taken ice cores from deep Arctic ice and have discovered that the Earth is increasing in temperature at a much faster rate since industrialization started up to now compared to past changes in our Earths history. They conclude that this is caused by the vast increase in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by industrial and other man made sources.

no.... even if we are in an ice age that means it should be colder than normal but we are seeing several degrees higher than normal... meaning the CO2 released has warmed the earth more than the ice age cools it...

why live? you are going to die too.

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