Can a person use captain with name if he has flown solo hours on aircraft?

If your not commanding a crew on a commercial aircraft. But just fly assuming you really can a tatty light plane then the one thing calling yourself Captain is not going to command respect and admiration. But guaranteed you Will Command Derision and risible laughter and incredibly rude Nicknames! You will be drummed out of any flying club bar, Be striped of your can of red stripe beer and have your plastic cocktail stirrer broken over your head

Gotta choose the right name to go with the Capt. title. Capt. Vish wont work; its obviously fake. However, Capt. Horatio Honknozzle, Capt. Geerupp Bellydown, and Capt. Propwash W. Groundlooper are names that all will get your friends to buying you extra beers to improve your flying.

In his/her own plane , I guess. Not in a commercial until qualified.

Only if you want people to think your an idiot.

Yes, fantastic suggestion. Captain

Sure - why not.

I dont care but you would really look stupid. Even other primary pre ppl students would by embarrassed by your antics.

No, unless you want to be laughed at and ridiculed. The term is reserved for professional pilots.

no you need 5-7 years of expirence, you are a pilot in command

If you insist, but only with people that have been in the plane with you, and only while actually flying. If you want to call yourself captain while flying solo, go ahead. As far as that goes, if you want to call yourself the Easter Bunny while flying solo, Im good with that as well. Captain would really only apply to the pilot in command of a plane with multiple crew members.

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