Is it chauvinistic to refuse to fight women ?

i watched an episode of raw 2002 when bischoff was GM of raw and there was an intergender match. big show beat the crap out of trish, and it wasnt pretty. today men will never harm women. is it chauvinistic when maryse is protecting the miz and no men is physically trying to harm her (kayfabe of course).


naw not one bit. i would love to punch a woman in her face and the first person i would start that off with is kathy smiths ugly ***** ***

Im a 23 year old white female. I find this important to state before I give you my honest opinion on this. I have taken many woman seminars in college as well. As I do believe there are woman that can be as equal to men in intelligence and jobs such as firefighters, police officers, lawyers, doctors..etc. Men have a physical structure that makes them simply more fit to do certain tasks such as wrestling. I do not think it is right for a woman to go against a man in any type of fight. Although, woman want to be treated equal it is just a unfair advantage men will always be stronger to a degree.

When violence against women is still screamed about as a big issue, how are men supposed to act? Is all violence against women bad? Or is it ok to treat them exactly how a man would be treated?

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