What are some ideas for a fantasy novel?

I want to write a fantasy novel about faeries, demons, dwarves, men, brownies and sorcerers. I have the main plot in mind, (they are on a quest to find a dragons egg) but I need you, the audience, to suggest some problems that may occur, or mini plots. For example, maybe they will come across goblins who imprison...

Are all of them searching for the egg? Why? What does the finder get? What happens if the bad guys get it? Work on the main plot. If you do that, you dont get sidetracked and you dont have to finish a bunch of sub plots.

Thats your job. You need to think through the cultural side, the landscape, the situations and how each individual reacts given their upbringing.

No, YOU be creative. Its your job as the writer.

Actually its you, the writer, who has to come up with this sort of suggestion.

they meet Dumbledore. Or do I mean Gandalf. you know,the tall wizard guy and he has a thing, which he, like, gives them and they have to deliver it on the way, or on a side mission. Like a mission impossible thing, where they dodge laser beams which are like trip wires but they set off an alarm and the guy - like, the villain guy - sets off a chain reaction to blow the island - Did i mention it was on an island? yeah so, anyway, the nuclear bomb blows up but the guys get off the island just in time with the help of a giant lizard. Hope this helps

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