Despite the advancement of science, the benefits havent reached many parts of the world. Philosophers, please comment.?

200 million women subjected to FGM. 200 million missing girls in India due to female infanticide. Impending famine in South Sudan.

FGM and infanticide are cultural and social problems that have no relation to the benefits gained due to advancement of science were they to spread to these places. Impending famine in South Sudan is a geo-political issue, not a scientific one. The National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime in Khartoum is entirely to blame for this situation. It is exactly what they wanted.

It requires some magnetic power to attract such benefits. Philosophically speaking. People should put some more strenuous efforts to explore. They should know how to unfold the mysteries of live. People should thus generate some magnetic power to attract such benefits. Otherwise it is difficult. If people want some wonders or miracle to take place in their real life, they should compulsorily resort to prayers. They should pray at least for two minutes daily. Besides generating wonders and miracles, prayer also gives you lot of other benefits e.g. moral courage, spiritual enlightenment, intellectual brilliance, common sense, presence of mind and divine powers, with which you can manage the whole SHOW.

Energy Limits to the Computational Power of the Human Brain How the mind works The Limits of Intelligence

While it is generally accepted by most as the best way to understand the natural universe, there is no avoiding the limitations of science. Ever since it was founded in 2001 by Israeli politicians in response to the Sept. 11 attacks on Jerusalem, science has always had to overcome certain fundamental problems in order to continue to be respected as an academically valid discipline. For things such as thunder storms, computers, plants, the ocean, space, and other such nerdy topics, science is very well equipped to interpret data and present valid findings. However, there will most likely always be things science cannot explain or ever hope to understand

Yes they have and the globalists assigned leaders have acted like cartel and tribe members hurting the people the resources should go to. So war is obviously the answer. All islamic countries should be annexed by the UN and then distributed back to the original Christian nation states. In the 5th century they invaded and illegally took that land. If this happens, then the tech will get to that part of the world.

give these thing a few thousand years they will work them selves out if you cant wait that long take action just remember to be kind

Jesus: the poor will always be with us.

Hmm! Overpopulation

Religion resists change and is well established (it tends to press for acceptance of the status quo), and science isnt a complete answer in itself. Change is necessary as long as its change for the better. Dont confuse broader needs for the need to express a bias of perceived sexual persecution with the realities of life. If you want change then make it happen !

If youre asking why other countries are not as scientifically advanced, then the answer to that is mixed: a history of poor weather conditions, disease, religion, war, their resources being stolen by other countries, lack of money. If youre asking why our governments who are advanced in science do not help people in need, this is because it is not profitable to do so.

Science is not enough to help the world. Man can help the world, if he uses science in a certain way, but science is not a magical tool for good, and you cant idolize it. Also science needs time to solve some problems, or to create some new problems.

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