Where is the cheapest place to get a passport photo done?

I need a passport style photo (2 in x 2 in) for a licence application. Anyone know the most inexpensive place to get them done?

In Britain try some of the supermarkets, or a photo booth in a shopping centre. About £5. Indeed some post offices will do them.

CALL a few of the big box stores with a Photo Dept, and ask. Calling saves you having to make the trip and discover they dont do that. Try Walmart, Kohls, Target, etc. Some places used to have photo booths but I havent seen one of those in decades (I dont know if they even exist today).

camera shops, post offices, or often places where they have PO boxes will do it.

The photo shop on Main Street, but thats in Austria (Europe)

I think walgreens does them. Really any place that takes pictures. You could even do it your self as long as you follow the instructions on the requirements and use photo paper.

i got mine at the post office, dont remember how much i paid for it

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