Why is Trump allowed to take credit for all the things Obama and the Democrats have done?

Usually if a regular person does such a thing they would be punished pretty severely. Maybe even fired from their job

Because he bullied them into allowing it

For each item, Trump has explained how obongo’s policy sucked, and what Trump is doing to fix it. Learn to pay attention.

He isn’t

Taking credit is what conservatives do best. That, and screwing up the economy for the benefit of the corrupt few.

Because Trump fixed the economy Obama destroyed.

Trump did all the good things we needed. Obama wanted us to fail so he could sell us to the highest bidder.

Trump, Republicans in Congress, and Republican voters all seem to agree its not about facts. Republicans hide their real motivations (because theyre a little ashamed of them). Instead they parrot lies from the right wing news media, lies they know are lies. Like Trump is fixing the mess Obama made. Their REAL motivations are intolerance and the concentration of wealth all around the world.

Its really weird. We KNOW his policies were very different than what hes trying to take credit for now. And even more weird that the GOP is giving standing ovations for Democrat policies that Obama spearheaded! Its like The Twilight Zone.

Consumer confidence is up because of Trump. Humble Yourself

Because he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Why do liberals pretend Obama is responsible for the Texas economy, which caused “Obama’s” so called “recovery” by rejecting his extreme leftist ideology? https://www.qpolitical.com/wont-believe-...

No Trump Did that stuff

Every successive government builds on the works of the previous administration. Thats a given. You state this like its something new.

It’s not just Trump. All elected officials think they are our greatest asset. Pathetic.

Regular people are not elected officials. Yes, regular people would get fired from their jobs for things that Presidents can get away with. An example is: an executive getting a b j from an intern.

He is NOT taking credit for anything Obama did. He is doing just the opposite and credit is not what it is called. Quite the opposite - Damage.

Trump is reversing all of the destructive Obama policies one by one.

We have come to expect NOTHING LESS from Trump.....were you expecting HONESTY?

he says the same things...yet the dems will not stand but pout....nice....

Perhaps it is because the Democrats and the previous administration did not do said things.

???? ????bama ? Yes he should get credit for Obama care ????????

The DOW rose steadily Obamas entire presidency, and Trumps growth was 2.6% this year, equal to Obamas 2015 growth.

That is because Trump supporters do not reason logically and do not bother to find out the facts. Otherwise, theyd realize that their glorious leader has hardly done anything of value during his term.

He isnt.

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